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A Cut Above the Rest: CaterSpot Reviews Ninja Cut

The new kid on the block, Ninja Cut, has been only been on CaterSpot for a mere 3 months.

These 3 months sure is enough time for the CaterSpot team to develop a major crush on Ninja Cut for their innovative and healthy bowls and platters. We absolutely love them!

We ordered from Ninja Cut one afternoon for a team lunch and we enjoyed it thoroughly. This was our experience:

Ninja Cut overall order

CaterSpot’s Ninja Cut experience:

Ready, Steady, Veggie Bowl

Ninja Cut Ready, Steady, Veggie Bowl


The Ready, Steady, Veggie Bowl was a great vegetarian option for one of our vegetarian colleagues. He really liked the freshness of the vegetables and the vibrant meal was a treat for the eyes!

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Gimme Chimi Chicken Bowl

Ninja Cut Gimme Chimi Chicken Bowl


The Gimmie Chimi Chicken Bowl was a healthy option for the team. The chicken was not overcooked and the mixed nuts added a whole new texture to the bowl. We also enjoyed the addition of the onsen egg to the mix.

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Waikiki Surf Bowl

Ninja Cut Waikiki Surf Bowl


This bowl definitely satisfied our poke cravings with the fresh pink salmon marinated with yuzu. This bowl is great for seafood lovers that are on a diet. We also enjoyed how we got to choose our favourite bases such as quinoa, soba, garden greens or ninja rice (brown and jap rice).

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The Hot Cheek Bowl

Ninja Cut The Hot Cheek Bowl


The beef in The Hot Cheek Bowl was tender and soft. It was unique in taste as it is a 24hr-braised Japanese Curry Beef Cheek, an interesting combination with beef. This bowl was hearty and made us full and happy.

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What’s on Your Beef Bowl

Ninja Cut What's on Your Beef Bowl


Another beef bowl, this beef bowl included a roast beef ribeye. Different from the beef cheek in the previous bowl, this beef bowl took on its own unique flavour as it was paired excellently with the garlic chips. We also especially enjoyed the honey-glazed carrots.

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Holy Mackarel! Bowl

Ninja Cut Holy Mackerel! Bowl


This bowl was something we never had. The Mentaiko Cheese topped on the Grilled Mackarel was a combination that we have never had before and we really enjoyed it! The Asparagus & Edamame in the dish was also a change in the typical greens for us, bringing a Japanese umami flavour to the table.

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We truly enjoyed our experience for affordable and healthy food with CaterSpot! Be sure to head to to order now!

We really enjoyed our catering experience with Ninja Cut. Get a great experience by ordering with the other 105+ restaurants that cater here on CaterSpot.

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