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The Art Of Hosting The Perfect Office Christmas Party: A Culinary Perspective

The festive season is upon us, and as we gear up for the annual office Christmas party, there’s more to it than just spreading holiday cheer!

It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories, foster collaboration, and celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

At the heart of this celebration lies a crucial element – the culinary experience.

We’ll embark on a journey to master the craft of organising an unforgettable office Christmas party from a culinary standpoint, exploring beyond the ordinary to create an extraordinary celebration.

Embracing Culinary Diversity

The festive season often calls for customary favourites such as roast turkey and ham, yet have you ever thought about adding a dash of innovation to your Christmas banquet?

How about expanding your culinary horizons to incorporate global gourmet delights? Of course, the Christmas meal is the perfect occasion to showcase turkey and ham as the star attractions of your dining set-up.

However, introducing unconventional options can add an element of surprise, making your Christmas gathering unforgettable.

Did you know we have catering partners with Asian flavours to bring a unique twist to your Christmas party, like sushi, Thai, and Chinese dishes?

Take Maki-San as an example. Sushi lovers will have a wonderful time savouring salmon sushi and tempura enoki with Maki-San’s platter. 

Christmas sushi for an office Christmas party

There are also Vietnamese fried spring rolls and papaya salad, authentically served by So Pho.

Bali Thai offers a unique take on Indonesian and Thai cuisine. Their menu perfectly captures the identity of Asian comfort food, like satay, fried rice and mango salad. You can select between Bali Thai’s platter for finger food or their Christmas mini buffet for a complete Asian food experience.

Or how about impressing your team with Southeast Asia’s fusion cuisines pioneer – Peranakan dishes?

Chilli Manis Catering‘s Peranakan Christmas Buffet is a gastronomic burst of flavour and colours. Think of Baba and Nyonya dish staples like ayam pongteh, beef rendang, sayur lodeh, laksa and curry assam.

After all, there’s always a place for food that reminds us of our heritage, regardless of the occasion.

Elevate The Presentation

Presentation is key to enhancing the culinary experience. Consider adorning your festive spread with Christmas-themed decorations that captivate the eyes of your guests.

Two classic examples include using candy cane-striped tablecloths and incorporating festive wreaths into your buffet setup. These decorations add visual appeal and breathe life into the holiday spirit.

Bespoke Christmas Spirit With Bar Services

A memorable Christmas party deserves a stellar drink menu. Consider offering cocktails that resonate with the season, like Winter Wonderland Martini, Spiced Cranberry Mule and Gingerbread Eggnog.

If you fancy some bespoke cocktails that even Santa himself would endorse, we have the mixology masters to deliver a symphony of sweet, sour and a hint of bitterness in a glass. 

Fancy an edible cocktail? You can have them for your event with Mixes From Mars. This mobile bar outfit makes waves by infusing nitrogen with cocktails, a process that solidifies the liquid.

Besides a free flow of cocktails, beer and wine, My Bartender adds a personalised touch to its services with a 2-hour workshop cocktail workshop. 

Fancy cocktails for your office Christmas party?

We’re also excited to have another bar service among our Christmas caterers this year – The Shake Affinity. On top of free-flow alcohol packages, this bar service diversifies its beverage range with smoothie, juice and milkshake packages.

Because Everyone Loves Dessert!

Christmas desserts have a magical way of transporting guests back to childhood innocence.

Picture this: the joyous laughter of guests as they indulge in traditional Christmas desserts like gingerbread cookies and log cakes.

Speaking of log cakes, The Pine Garden has the most choices of log cakes for your Christmas event. Seven flavours, to be exact!

Its signature log cake, Lychee Martini Christmas Log Cake, marries the simplicity of lychee cake with the elegance of Matrini-soaked lychee fillings.

And there’s Annabella Patisserie. Its range of desserts is pure magic, with macarons, brownies, cupcakes and choux puffs.

Another homegrown bakery that deserves to cater your Christmas event is Butter Studio. This bakery is another excellent choice for sourcing cupcakes, tarts, gingerbread cookies, and log cake to sweeten your festive spread.

Encouraging Inclusivity Through The Menu

A corporate Christmas party is a gathering for all, and inclusivity is key.

Cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and halal options.

Our caterers specialise in serving cuisine suitable for all, ensuring guests feel valued and included in the celebration.

Here’s a protip to filter our caterers with Christmas menus according to your dietary requirements: 

On the desktop, you can view all our filters on the left of the marketplace. Click the ‘Dietary Restrictions’ option to launch a drop-down menu. Check the box relevant to your needs to view the suitable caterers.

Selecting dietary restrictions on our marketplace through desktop


The perfect corporate Christmas party lies in the meticulous combination of the right menu, presentation, drinks, and desserts.

It’s about creating an atmosphere where guests feel like they’re enjoying good food with family in their hometown, transcending the office setting.

Elevate your celebration, make it extraordinary, and let the culinary delights be the highlight of this year’s corporate Christmas party. Cheers to creating unforgettable memories!