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Orange Clove Catering – Singapore’s #1 Corporate Caterer – is now on CaterSpot

We are excited to announce that Orange Clove Catering, Singapore’s award-winning Corporate Caterer, has just joined CaterSpot to bring us mouth-watering delights. The Orange Clove Catering menu features creative fusions of Asian and International dishes that are bound to impress. Customers will be spoilt for choice by Orange Clove’s customisable buffets, canapés, bentos, party sets and live stations. Be it a cocktail, office lunch or seminar, Orange Clove’s extensive offerings will meet all your corporate catering needs. Below, we’ve put together some of our favourite Orange Clove Catering Menus.


Orange Clove Catering Menu Favourites

American Breakfast Buffet

Orange Clove Catering Menu - American Breakfast Buffet

What makes Orange Clove Catering the enduring crowd favourite is their large variety of menu options. One of the most popular menus, and my personal favourite, is their American Breakfast Buffet which features delicious breakfast staples. Think soft bread, fluffy eggs and crispy turkey bacon, topped with fresh tropical fruits. Coupled with breakfast drinks like orange juice, brewed coffee and tea, this menu will jumpstart any sluggish Monday morning.

Ultimate Signature Bento Box

Orange Clove Catering Menu - Ultimate Signature Bento Box

Another mainstay for Orange Clove is their Ultimate Signature Bento Box. Served with fried rice, succulent prawn with chilli crab sauce, fish fillet with mango salsa and french bean with mushroom, this simple bento box is a hit with all our customers.

Green Delish Healthier Bento Box

Orange Clove Catering Menu - Green Delish Healthier Bento Box

Health-conscience customers will love the Green Delish Healthier Bento Box, which offers well-balanced lunch with a good mix of protein, carbs and healthy fats. The meal comprises of couscous salad, honey chilli chicken, herb grilled fish and fresh seasonable vegetables. This nutritious combination will pack a punch and get you roaring for the rest of your work day.

Chinese Vegetarian Buffet

Orange Clove Catering Menu - Chinese Vegetarian Buffet

Orange Clove’s buffet catering is committed to accommodating all types of dietary needs. To cater to our vegetarian friends, they crafted the scrumptious Chinese Vegetarian Buffet with golden spring roll, hearty fried rice, sautéed kai lan and mock fish fillets that is a sure-win for all your guests.
So what are you waiting for? View the Orange Clove menu today and order now. Still not convinced? Read some of the Orange Clove reviews to see what other customers have to say.

Orange Clove Catering Menu Quotations

If you’ve checked out Orange Clove Catering’s menu and are looking to customize something special for your event, talk to our Concierge team. They’ll work with you to develop a custom menu and negotiate discounts on your before with Orange Clove Catering and other caterers that match your requirements.


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