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Caterers With Halloween Food For Your Office’s Spooky Soiree

The origin of Halloween is steep in the supernatural. The medieval Celtic society celebrated their new year on 1st November, believing that otherworldly spirits would visit them the day before the new year. They would don costumes of animal skins to commune with the spirits.

But hold up…we’re not here for Halloween history, right?

Instead, we’re here because we all agree that Halloween is an excellent excuse to host an office bash with macabre-inspired Halloween food!

Why Host A Halloween-Themed Event?

More than just costumes and candy, Halloween is a chance to let your creativity run wild and create unforgettable memories with colleagues and clients.

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve rounded up four catering partners who have conjured up some devilish Halloween food that will possess your taste buds!

Caterers That Will Haunt Your Event With Delicious Halloween Food

Frightful Spread Of Body Parts From Oh’s Farm Catering

Bring out your inner Ozzy Osbourne by chomping on a bat! Or specifically, bat wings. Or, more accurately, Grilled Char Siew Chicken Wings that masquerade as bat wings.

Oh's Farm Catering Halloween food

Don’t skip on the mystical Witch’s Stew. And by mystical, we mean a variety of fresh seafood in a thick broth.

Quench your thirst with the irresistible Monster Punch, the ‘scarier’ version of lime cordial. It’s safer than consuming fresh blood like a vampire.

Spooktacular High Tea From Orange Lantern Gourmet Kitchen

On any other day, cobweb is an unwelcomed eyesore. But not on Halloween!

Because what’s a haunted house without cobwebs in it? This Halloween deco staple feels right at home with this caterer’s Chocolate Spider Web Mini Doughnuts.

Bring the add-on spookiness to your Halloween food with Bloody Hot Dog. Who says you need to summon malevolent spirits when you can get some delicious Devil Eggs from Orange Lantern Gourmet Kitchen?

Wickedly Culinary From 3 Embers Culinary Craft

Why would you want to visit a graveyard on Halloween when you can bring the ‘graveyard’ to your Halloween party?

3 embers Halloween food

3 Embers present their eerie dessert, the Graveyard Cheese Cake for the zombies at your party!

The Halloween food from 3 Embers is the most exquisite in this list. If you’re planning a Halloween get-together with an exotic high tea menu (like Almond Seafood Beignet and Mushroom Puree Tart), this caterer will delight you and your guests.

Creepily Sweet Cupcakes From Butter Studio

Butter Studio, known for its artisan handmade goodness, offers Assorted Halloween cupcakes, cakes and cookies that are almost too cute to eat.

They even offer vegan cupcakes if you’re all about dietary inclusiveness for your office peers and guests.

These delectable treats are a perfect way to sweeten up your Halloween gathering.

Have You Decided Which One Will Be Your Ideal Halloween Caterer?

Don’t wait until the witching hour. Act fast and place your orders with these caterers to ensure a spine-tingling Halloween menu that will leave your guests raving about your event.

It’s time to bring your corporate Halloween celebration to life. Or perhaps, the afterlife!