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Pastry Perfection: Delifrance Catering is back on CaterSpot!

Upon reaching our sunny shores in 1983, Delifrance has made a mark in all our hearts with their homely pastries and coffee. Now, welcome Delifrance Catering.

Delifrance has continuously innovated and grown throughout the years. Now, Delifrance has expanded to catering with CaterSpot with Delifrance Catering – your favourite sweet and savoury pastries and treat brought to your event space. Its hassle free, convenient and most definitely, its delicious.

To celebrate and welcome Delifrance Catering back on Caterspot, we have a special code for our customers! Use promo code [DFDELIVERY] at the checkout for free delivery with a minimum spending of $120. This promotion goes on for 1 month till 9th August 2017.

Here at CaterSpot, we absolutely love Delifrance. Here are our top Delifrance Catering menus that you can order on CaterSpot:

Top Delifrance Catering Menus

Profiteroles (Seasonal Special)

Delifrance Catering Profiteroles

$55 | 30 pieces

Made from choux pastry, these delicious puffs are filled with sesame, vanilla and green tea cream and topped with homemade crispy crust. This is great to finish off a full and hearty meal with. Quickly lay your hands on these Profiteroles because this is a seasonal special with Delifrance Catering.

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Assorted Mini French Butter Croissants

Delifrance Catering Assorted Mini French Butter Croissants

$28 | 12 pieces

An assortment of well-loved French Butter Croissant Sandwiches, in mini sizes so you can savour all the different delicious fillings. Fillings include Seafood Mayonnaise, Tuna Mayonnaise, Chicken Mayonnaise and Egg Mayonnaise. Couple with Delifrance Specialty Coffee, you definitely can’t go wrong with this pairing!

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Fruit Tartlets

Delifrance Catering Fruit Tartlets

$50 | 30 pieces

Mini Fruit Tartlets galore! Let these mini fruit tarts sweeten your party. With a selection of fruit tarts like strawberry, kiwi and mango, there is certainly something for everyone. Enjoy these fruit tartlets with a combination of the other sharing platters from Delifrance Catering.

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Assorted Mini Tart Canapés and Fruit Tartlets

Delifrance Catering: Mini Fruit Tartlets and Mini Canapes

$50 | 30 pieces

For the best of both worlds, try the Assorted Mini Tart Canapes and Fruit Tartlets for a combination of both sweet and savoury treats. This sharing platter is great for photographs as the playful colours of the Fruit Tartlets are bound to pop! Additionally, disposable dining wares can be provided at a small fee.

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Delifrance Speciality Coffee

Delifrance Catering Specialty Coffee

$36 | Serves 10

The best way to start your day comes with Delifrance Catering’s Specialty Coffee. Conveniently packed, this coffee set comes with sugar, stirrers and paper cups. Pair this with any of the sharing platters and you are bound to be a hit with your guests.

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