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5 Must-Have Christmas Dishes And Desserts

Hey there! Do you know what makes Christmas extra special? Yep, you guessed it – the food! Those traditional Christmas dishes that we all know and love.

Join us on a culinary adventure as we unwrap the top five classic Christmas dishes that will turn your office celebrations into unforgettable feasts.

But we’re not stopping there.

We’re also giving you the scoop on top-notch caterers who can whip up these dishes, taking the hassle out of your search for the best caterers with Christmas classics on their menus.

Prepare to treat your taste buds (and impress your colleagues) in the best possible way!

1. Turkey

How does this majestic bird end up as the centrepiece of a Christmas feast?

While the historical account of the Christmas turkey varies between regions, one practicality lies beneath all the stories. Due to turkeys’ massive size, they can feed a large group of people, making them a cost-effective choice for a big family gathering.

Plus, it’s not just about the deliciousness; it’s about the sense of occasion and celebration that comes with roasting this iconic bird.

Caterers that offer turkey for this year’s Christmas:

2. Glazed Ham 

Picture this: a succulent ham coated in a sweet or savoury glaze, creating a mouthwatering contrast of crunchy crust and tender meat.

Nowadays, it’s common to come across chicken or turkey ham as an alternative to pork as the base. It’s perfect for sharing a plate with your Muslim associates.

Caterers that offer ham for this year’s Christmas:

3. Roast Beef

Roast beef pairs well with everything from classic mashed potatoes and gravy to more adventurous options like roasted root vegetables or a fresh, tangy horseradish sauce.

Plus, it’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a leaner, less sweet main course than glazed ham or turkey.

For this year’s Christmas, you’ll have the choice of beef tenderloin and striploin from our caterers to shake up your Christmas menu. 

The choice between striploin and tenderloin depends on whether you prioritise tenderness (go for tenderloin) or a rich, beefy flavour (choose striploin). 

Caterers that offer roast beef for this year’s Christmas:

4. Log Cake

The Yule log cake has its roots in ancient Scandinavian traditions and is more than just a dessert. It symbolises warmth and tradition.

The cake’s appearance is meant to resemble a miniature actual Yule log. It is often decorated with powder sugar to resemble snow, tree branches, fresh berries, and mushrooms made of meringue or marzipan.

Caterers that offer log cake for this year’s Christmas:

5. Gingerbread Cookies

Among the many cookies that complement Christmas staples, none hold a special place in the holidays quite as much as gingerbread cookies.

Their popularity was amplified in the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I presented dignitaries with gingerbread figures, which introduced the charm of personalised, edible art.

The German tradition of adorning Christmas trees with gingerbread cookies further cemented their association with Christmas.

Dive into the warm embrace of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves that make these cookies a winter-season favourite.

Caterers that offer gingerbread cookies for this year’s Christmas:

As the scent of holiday spices and the warmth of festive traditions fill the air, your Christmas celebration is just a click away.

Your pick of Christmas menus isn’t limited to the ones we’ve listed here. Explore more of the magic of Christmas dishes with our handpicked caterers, who transform each bite into a moment of joy.

Let the feast begin, and may your office festivities be a symphony of flavours and shared moments!