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Pasta, Pizza and Baked Rice galore! CaterSpot reviews Pasta Mania

Pasta Mania has always been a homegrown favourite for Italian cuisine. From their affordable pastas and pizzas, Pasta Mania is always a crowd favourite.

Here on CaterSpot, we offer catering for Pasta Mania. Pasta Mania is also one of our favourite restaurants to cater from.

Check out the office dinner we had with the Party Pack for 12  from Pasta Mania:

Pasta Mania and CaterSpot

Camilo, founder of CaterSpot, enjoying Pasta Mania

Pasta Mania and CaterSpot

Pasta Mania and CaterSpot

From party packs to pasto boxes, Pasta Mania has it all! Here are our top picks from Pasta Mania:

Top picks from Pasta Mania:

Pasta Mania: Party Pack for 12

Pasta Mania; Party Pack for 12

Party Pack for 12 

$148.73 | 12 dishes | Serves 12

The party pack included a western mini buffet of 12 dishes, including starters, pizzas, pasta and soft drinks. We had the option to choose our favourite type of pasta and pizza. This party pack also includes Waffle Potatoes, Chedder Cheese Sticks and Chicken Wings – great for side dishes! The pizzas were great after a long day at work.

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Fusion Mini Pasto Box

Pasta Mania Pasto Box

$16.80 | 4 items | Serves 1

Looking for a unique bento set for a cool office lunch? Try Pasta Mania’s Fusion Mini Pasto Box – a hearty bento box set inclusive of a refreshing can of coke. The box includes Hot & Spicy Crispy Chicken, 1 Pasta Dish of your choice and a Brownie with drizzled with Hazelnut Sauce. This box also comes along with disposable cutlery and napkins.

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Chicken Bolognese 

Pasta Mania Chicken Bolognese

$8.90 | Serves 1

Enjoy a warm and hearty bowl of pasta with the Chicken Bolognese. The pasta includes juicy ground chicken in homemade sauce with your choice of pasta type (spaghetti, fusili, penne or linguine). This pasta also comes with an upsize option for those who have a larger appetite.

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Dory Baked Rice

Pasta Mania: Dory Baked Rice

$9.90 | Serves 1

The Dory Baked Rice is a great option that is bound to tantalize your tastebuds. This dish includes poached dory fish served with creamy tomato herb sauce & gratinated with mozzarella cheese.

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Hawaiian Pizza

Pasta Mania: Hawaiian Pizza

I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? Pasta Mania serves up an incredible 7″ all-time favourite pizza of ham and pineapple. Upsize to a 10” pizza with a small fee and share the joy with your friends. This pizza will be dropped off and comes with disposable cutlery and napkins.

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We really enjoyed our catering experience with Pasta Mania. Get a great experience by ordering with the 105+ restaurants that cater here on CaterSpot.

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