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10 Healthy Catering Options You Should Try Right Now!

Trying to get on a healthy eating diet? Fret not! There are many healthy catering options available on the market. We have shortlisted the top 10 healthy catering options that you can order for your upcoming event.

Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen 

Healthy Catering: Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen

Looking for guilt free pizza and ice cream? Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen is the perfect place for you to get your pizza and ice cream fix. All of Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen’s ice creams are made with organic brown rice milk, organic evaporated cane juice as well as fresh fruits & nuts. Their pizzas are also made to perfection with vegan ingredients that do not discount on taste and quality.

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Sumo Salad

Healthy Catering: Sumo Salads

Did you know that Sumo Salad caters? Try Sumo Salad’s Salad Trays – a great and healthy sharing platter for any event or party. Looking for individually packed bento boxes? Try a healthier option with Sumo Bowls filled with greens and protein to fuel you throughout the day. Additionally, try their Signature Food Bowls and Wraps for some healthy green goodness.

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Do Si Rak

Healthy Catering: DoSiRak

Who says healthy food is boring and dull? Try the all new cool and innovative Do Si Rak Korean Lunch Bowls. Conveniently packed in an individual bowl, these rice bowls are bound to pack a punch in flavour but helping you stay healthy at the same time. There are also options to change the base of your rice bowl to healthier ones such as brown rice or tofu. You can even choose to add on additional toppings to further spice up your Korean Rice Bowl.

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Healthy Catering: Yolo

The name says it all – You Only Live Once. Live the good life and choose healthy options from Yolo! All their Healthy Lunch Boxes are precisely demarcated with the number of kcal per lunch box, great for those that count calories or simply want to eat healthy! Furthermore, Yolo also offers the option for customers to build your own meal by choosing 2 sides, 1 protein, 1 topping and 1 sauce. Additional toppings are also available as add-ons.

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Kitchen by Food Rebel 

Healthy Catering: Kitchen by Food Rebel

Being highly passionate about food, Kitchen by Food Rebel promises to provide healthy and organic food options. Kitchen by Food Rebel provides healthy mini buffets including Salad/Vegetable (10 portions), Meal/Sandwich (10 portions), 1 Dessert (10 portions). This is a great option as Kitchen by Food Rebel provides the flexibility to choose from so many healthy options.

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Healthy Catering: Spinacas

Spinacas is a salad delivery service in Singapore that specializes in hearty salads, healthy food and bento boxes delivered to your office and home. Choose from Salad or Rice Bento boxes or even customize your very own salad at the custom salad bar. Delicious salads such as the Espresso Pork Loin Ribs Salad or the Meat Lover Morrocan Spiced Chicken Salad are also offered.

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Healthy Catering: Omnivore

Omnivore promises a healthy balance between meats and vegetables and hence the name, Omnivore! With bento boxes and double protein bento boxes, Omnivore serves up delicious meats which are cooked in a healthy manner so that customers get the protein without the rest of the unhealthy junk. Choose Omnivore for a healthy catering option that is tasty, low fat and is packed with flavour and nutrition.

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Ninja Cut

Healthy Catering: Ninja Cut

For innovative rice bowls, try Ninja Cut. Personally, Ninja Cut is adored by the CaterSpot team and we have ordered from CaterSpot, check out our experience here. Ninja Cut serves up unique, fun and healthy rice bowls, great to serve as bento sets for office lunches. Ninja Cut also serves up various platters for you to choose from, perfect for any party!

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Sushi Burrito 

Healthy Catering: Sushi Burrito

Healthy catering options can be fun and colourful with Sushi Burrito! Try the Sushi Burrito Set Menu that comes with with 1 full-sized sushi burrito of your choice, 1 serving of edamame, and 1 serving of house potato salad. The colours of the vegetables in the sushi rolls make it very Instagram worthy so be sure to whip out your cameras and start snapping when lunch arrives.

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Pimp my Salad

Healthy Catering: Pimp My Salad

Known for their fresh ingredients and full flavours, Pimp my Salad definitely pimps your lunch. Featuring fresh and healthy salad bowls, the uniquely named salad bowls are bound to pack a  punch in flavour. Try the The Big Daddy, The Lamb-borghini or the Fish’en Good for a healthy lunch that does not fall short on taste and nutrition.

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