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Buffet Catering at Your Event – Here’s 9 tips to make sure its done right

Looking for buffet catering for a party?

Planning your party and finding it difficult to choose a caterer? Not sure how to order catering? Not know what to order? Fret not! Find all the answers to your pressing questions and choose the best catering in Singapore for your event. Here’s 9 helpful tips to make your party smooth and successful.

9 tips to do buffet catering right

Buffet Catering Tip 1 – Choose the right menu

Buffet Catering Tip 1

The right buffet catering menu is essential for any party. From taste preferences to special dietary requirements, there is a lot to consider while choosing a menu most suited for all your guests.

If required, make sure that the caterer that you are ordering from is Halal-certified. If one of your guests are vegetarian, ensure that there are dishes from the buffet catering menu do cater for vegetarian options.

For taste and preferences, experiment with different international flavours. Buffet catering menus often offer a varying spread of cuisine from all around the world. International, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese and so many more, the selection is never ending.

Buffet Catering Tip 2 – Space

Buffet Catering Tip 2

Buffet catering menus often offers a full setup. The caterer will deliver and stay to set up your food.  They also will provide the necessary equipment for the meal, including buffet tables with skirting, chafing dishes, serving utensils, and dishes/cutlery. Buffet catering will be great for places with space so do ensure that there is an allocated space within the event area.

If you are working with a smaller space like a home, try opting for mini buffets where food is delivered in disposable containers and dropped off to you without set up.

Buffet Catering Tip 3 – Budget and Pricing

Buffet Catering Tip 3

Pricing of each buffet catering menu is usually priced per pax or as a package which serves a minimum number of people. Keep within your budget and at the same time, ensure that your budget covers the entire meal –  appetizers, mains, desserts and drinks if required. Looking for buffet catering under a tight budget? Click here to check out 10 buffet catering menus under $10 

Buffet Catering Tip 4 – Minimum headcount/spending

Buffet Catering Tip 4

Ensure that your order has hit minimum spending or headcount for the menu required (usually buffets have a headcount of >30 pax and mini buffets can accommodate a smaller group of 10-20px). The minimum spending for catering companies range between $50 to $1,500 and the minimum spending from restaurants can range between $30 to $800. Many restaurant and catering services do often run promotions for their buffet catering menus so click here to be updated with the latest promotions.  

Buffet Catering Tip 5 – Portion Size

Buffet Catering Tip 5

Menus often state the number of people it serves, which makes things easy. However, if the menu states only pieces or sizes, do a quick google search to see how many people that may feed. A tip is to check reviews of caterers to find out if their portions run on the light or on the heavy side to ensure ample orders are made. 

Buffet Catering Tip 6 – Presentation

Buffet Catering Tip 6

Make sure plates, cutlery and napkins are provided by the caterer or whether you need to arrange this yourself. Typically, disposable cutlery and napkins and sometimes plates are provided and optional rental is available with many caterers to rent proper porcelain dishes and silverware. Thematic presentations are available as part of some buffet offerings or through special requests and additional charges. 

Buffet Catering Tip 7 – Minimum Order Notice

Buffet Catering Tip 7

Catering companies often require 2-5 working days to process a buffet catering order while restaurants can typically do just 1-2 days notice. When ordering for large groups (beyond 150 pax), it’s recommended to order even earlier in advance. 

Be sure to stick to these minimum order notices as some caterers are quite strict about not accepting last minute orders.

Buffet Catering Tip 8 – Customizations

Buffet Catering Tip 8

Have a uniquely themed party? Customization such as thematic buffet table presentation is available upon special request. Other customizations that are available upon special request include swapping of dishes/personalized names of dishes. 

Other unique options or services that come with buffet catering menus are live stations or service staff on hand to help elevate your party experience to new heights.

Buffet Catering Tip 9 – Additional Surcharges

Buffet Catering Tip 9

Surcharges may be incurred upon these special requests:


Most caterers will set up during the stipulated time and proceed to collect said equipment 3-4 hours later. Depending on the caterer, an extension of time would be possible with a small fee.

Lift Surcharge

Depending on the caterer, a fee would be required if a lift is not available at the venue and if catering equipment is needed to be transported from the ground floor to the level in which the venue is at.

Delivery Time

For events that require a late night or early morning delivery time, sometimes a fee will be charged depending on the caterer. Such time sensitive charges may also be relevant for public holidays.

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