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Top 10 Mini Buffets – Perfect for any event!

I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of buffet catering before. But what about mini buffets? What makes them different? What kinds of events are suited for mini buffet catering? This article will answer all your queries!

What are mini buffets? 

Mini buffets often come in disposable trays that are dropped off at the location. Most of them come along with disposable cutlery, napkins and cups depending on the type of mini buffet ordered.

How are mini buffets and buffets different? 

What makes mini buffets different from buffets is that buffets require set up while mini buffets don’t. This means that customers do not need a huge space for the buffet tables to be set up. This means that mini buffets are great for any cosy party and of course, free from the mess and hassle of buffets.

What kind of events are mini buffets suited for? 

Mini buffets are great for events with a smaller number of people like housewarming parties or get togethers. Buffets typically cater for a larger quantity of people. Also, mini buffets are great if you face any space constraint as they take up a much smaller space as compared to a full buffet set up.

Convinced? Here are the top 10 mini buffets on CaterSpot for you to take your pick:

Top 10 Mini Buffets on CaterSpot

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights – Mini Buffet A

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Rasa Rasa Halal Delights Mini Buffet

$9.80/pax | 8 courses

Coming out as one of the most affordable mini buffet menus on CaterSpot, Rasa Rasa Halal Delights never fails to delight. With an array of 8 courses, your guests are bound to have their share of dishes including an Ocean Catch Dish, Main Dish and Savoury Dish. End off the meal with a delicious dessert of choice.

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Team Catering – Lunch/Dinner Mini Buffet A

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Team Catering Mini Buffet

$180 | 9 courses

This 9 item mini buffet, is perfect for office lunch, birthday party or casual gathering! This mini buffet includes a poultry dish, fish dish, finger food dish and a packet drink to end off the tasty meal. What’s more, customize your mini buffets to your own taste and preferences as customers can choose from over 60 options to choose their 9 courses.

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ICS Catering – Mini Buffet A

Top 10 Mini Buffets: ICS Catering Mini Buffet

$150 | 7 courses

ICS Catering’s Mini Buffet consists of a 7 course mini buffet featuring local cuisine and other Asian dishes. These include ICS favourites such as the Curry Chicken with Potatoes and the Yong Chow Fried Rice. Finish off the meal with delicious mini cream puffs. As mentioned above, this mini buffet comes with disposable plates, cutlery, napkins.

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The Orange Lantern Restaurant – Mini Buffet Menu 
Top 10 Mini Buffets: The Orange Lantern Restaurant Mini Buffet

$13.90/pax | 7 courses

Opt for something unique with the Mini Buffet Menu from The Orange Lantern Restaurant. Here, try a Vietnamese mini buffet of 7 courses – including  2 Appetizers, 4 Main Entrees and 1 Dessert. Try Mango Salad with Crispy Garnishing or Crispy Prawn with Chilli Lime Dip. End off your meal with an interesting Water Chestnut Cake.

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Eatz Catering – Singapore Set Mini Buffet 
Top 10 Mini Buffets: Eatz Catering Mini Buffet

$158 | 7 courses

Featuring local cuisine, the Singapore Set Mini Buffet menu serves up local dishes. These include Chicken Curry with Potatoes, Seafood Roll and Chinese Deluxe Mixed Vegetables. Eatz Catering remains to be one of the most popular vendors on CaterSpot and the Singapore Set Mini Buffet is a great option for your event.

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Spark Catering (by Relisky Catering) – Mini Buffet Deluxe

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Spark Catering Mini Buffet

$13/pax | 7 courses

This mini buffet includes 7 dishes: Noodles/Rice, Chicken dish, Fish dish, Seafood dish, Vegetables, Finger Food and Dessert. Being one of the more premium options here on CaterSpot, Spark Catering’s mini buffet promises quality cuisine that will be served hot to your event. The mini buffet includes finger food and dessert options are well.

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Chefs Catering [by QQ group] – Value Mini Buffet 

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Chefs Catering Mini Buffet

$139 | 8 courses

A great value mini buffet of 8 courses, this mini buffet offers meat and fish dishes, vegetable and side dishes, finger food and dessert. Try their popular dishes such as the 2017 Golden Chicken with Signature Tasty Sauce or Golden Fish with Italian Rock Honey Sesame Sauce. This menu also offers the option for add ons.

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Oh’s Farm Catering – Classic Mini Buffet

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Oh's Farm Catering Mini Buffet

$200 | 8 courses

Oh’s Farm Catering is known for their uniquely thematic buffets but if you do not have the luxury of space, try their Classic Mini Buffet. With a selection of 8 courses, choose the perfect mini buffet perfect for any small gatherings. Try international cuisine such as Italia Boneless Chix Drizzled with Mushroom Herb Sauce and Braised Hong Siew Tofu, Oriental Style.

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Pasta Mania – Party Pack for 12

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Pasta Mania Mini Buffet

$148.73 | 12 courses

Pasta Mania has constantly been a homegrown favourite with many. Now with catering, enjoy Pasta Mania’s Party Pack for 12 at your event. Inclusive of sides, pizzas and pastas, there will be plenty to go around with this mini buffet. Check out the CaterSpot team’s experience with this party pack here.

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Foodfest F&B Pte Ltd – Mini Buffet A

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Foodfest Catering Mini Buffet

$10.80/pax | 8 courses

Last but not least, Foodfest’s Mini Buffet A will sure to fill the tummies of your guests. With 8 hearty and delicious dishes, this menu includes a side dish, a pastry dish and beverages other than the usual mains and meat dishes. Try the Marmite Chicken or the Tom Yum Fried Rice.

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