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10 Best Catering Menus for Team Lunches

Team lunches are great for the office workspace. Looking for the best catering menus for team lunches? Look no further because we have got you covered.

Team lunches are crucial in the workplace. They increase camaraderie and better relationships between co-workers. This in turn helps the office to work better together and ultimately, boosts productivity.

Here are the Top 10 Best Catering Menu for Team Lunches:

Mini Buffets

Mini Buffets are hassle free and do not require a large space in the office to set up. Great for office lunches as there is a wide variety of cuisine for everyone to choose from.

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights – Mini Buffet A

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Rasa Rasa Halal Delights Mini Buffet

Coming out as one of the most affordable mini buffet menus on CaterSpot, Rasa Rasa Halal Delights never fails to stand out as a caterer with one of the best catering menus available on the market. With an array of 8 courses, your co-workers are bound to have their share of dishes including an Ocean Catch Dish, Main Dish and Savoury Dish. End off the meal with a delicious dessert of choice.

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The Orange Lantern Restaurant – Mini Buffet Menu 
Top 10 Mini Buffets: The Orange Lantern Restaurant Mini Buffet

Be adventurous with the Mini Buffet Menu from The Orange Lantern Restaurant, sure to be a hit with the office crowd. Try this Vietnamese mini buffet of 7 courses – including  2 Appetizers, 4 Main Entrees and 1 Dessert. Try Mango Salad with Crispy Garnishing or Crispy Prawn with Chilli Lime Dip. End off your meal with an interesting Water Chestnut Cake.

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Chefs Catering [by QQ group] – Value Mini Buffet 

Top 10 Mini Buffets: Chefs Catering Mini Buffet

This mini buffet serves up one of the best catering menus for international cuisine so there is something for everyone! This mini buffet will be a great break from office work with a delicious variety of 8 courses. Try their popular dishes such as the 2017 Golden Chicken with Signature Tasty Sauce or Golden Fish with Italian Rock Honey Sesame Sauce. This menu also offers the option for add ons.

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Eatz Catering – Singapore Set Mini Buffet

Eatz Catering Mini Buffet Menus

Get a taste of home with the Singapore Set Mini Buffet. Local dishes like the ones in this mini buffet are bound to please everyone and a great way to expose fellow foreign co-workers to Singaporean cuisine. Enjoy this 7 course drop off menu featuring a wonderful array of local treats! Indulge in the chicken curry with potatoes, golden butter prawn and seafood fried rice.

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Bento Boxes

Ninja Cut

Ninja Cut serves up healthy and creative grain bowls. Bowls like these are great for individually packed lunches for the office. These include fun and funky bowls like #CrispyGoals Bowl and the Ready, Steady Veggie Bowl. We have had a lovely experience with Ninja Cut, click here to read about our favourite Ninja Cut bowls and why they make us smile.

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Pasta Mania – Fusion Mini Pasto Box

Pasta Mania Pasto Box

Looking for a unique bento set for a cool office lunch? Try Pasta Mania’s Fusion Mini Pasto Box – a hearty bento box set inclusive of a refreshing can of coke. The box includes Hot & Spicy Crispy Chicken, 1 Pasta Dish of your choice and a Brownie with drizzled with Hazelnut Sauce. This box also comes along with disposable cutlery and napkins.

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QQ Rice

Being one of the newest vendors on CaterSpot, QQ rice is known to serve up Rice Rolls in their stalls. But now, QQ Rice caters for more than Rice Rolls, offering Oat Rice, Snack Rolls and Bento Boxes. This is the best catering menu for a healthy option for the office. With the variety offered by QQ Rice, there is definitely something for everyone.

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House of Dim Sum – Dim Sum Bento Set

Looking for a change? Try House of Dim Sum’s Dim Sum Bento Set for the best catering menu for traditional Chinese cuisine. The bento box allows you to choose a main dish as well as 3 dim sum items. Craving for some dim sum? This is a great bento box option for your office mates to try something unique and out of the norm.

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Cedele – Hearty Meal Box

Cedele’s best catering menus are for their sharing platters. But, did you know that they cater for bento boxes too? The Hearty Meal Box includes the choice of 1 hearty sandwich or gourmet wrap, 1 salad or soup and to end off the meal, 1 cake slice. Vegetarian options are available in this menu so co-workers with special diets will not be forgotten!

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Best Catering Menus: Lunch Boxes/Lunch Sets - Papparich

PappaRich offers food from across the border – Malaysian cuisine! Try the Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Thigh – a delicious and hearty meal of coconut Milk infused rice served with fried chicken thigh, sambal , fried anchovies, peanut, fried egg and cucumber. Looking for something more local? Try the Pappa Chicken Rice Set. Using their signature 90 days old corn fed kampung chicken, this Hainanese Chicken Rice Set is served with steamed chicken and beansprouts.

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