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Unique Party Catering Ideas: Our Top 10 Picks

You’ve been to so many parties with the same old boring party catering that consists of buffets and mindless chatting with people you barely know.

Well, we have a solution for you! Introducing these 10 Unique Party Catering Ideas that is bound to spice up and bring excitement to your party. Soon, you will be the talk of the town by providing an experience that guests will never forget.

From salad bars (what?!), a unicorn cake, Pokemon cake pops, an ice kachang live station to a bartender at your party, your party is bound to stand out. Here are our picks!


Unqiue Party Catering Ideas:

Ice Kacang Live Station   Oh's Farm Catering Unique party catering Option

Cool off with your favourite Singaporean dessert with this Ice Kacang Live Station option offered by Oh’s Farm Catering. Have a chef on site at your party preparing this refreshing dessert at only $5/pax. Allow your guests to experience this interactive and unique dishes by making an Ice Kacang Live Station part of your party catering.

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Live Crepe Station  Saybon's unique party catering option

Saybons has always been a favourite go to spot for freshly made french crepes. Now, enjoy Saybons at your party with their Live Crepe Station! Have a chef on site to serve up both sweet and savoury crepes along with disposable plates, cutlery and napkins provide. Choose and customize your own unique toppings to make the ultimate crepe surprise.

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Scooping Extravaganza The Scoop Place's Unique Catering Option

The name says it all. The Scoop Place offers ice cream live stations in their Scooping Extravaganza – enjoy 3 different classic flavours with the option to add on more ice cream bins to try their unique flavours such as Cognac Fig or Cheesy Strawberry. The package also provides the rental of equipment to store the ice cream so that they remain cold throughout the day.

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Salad Bar  Oh's Farm Catering Unique Catering Option

Amazingly, there is an option on CaterSpot for a Salad Bar. Oh’s Farm Catering provides a Salad Bar menu going at only $10/pax. Choose your green base, side slides, mains and dressing for your salad bar. This is a great healthier alternative and could be perfectly paired with grilled meats at a barbeque. Click here for the top 10 BBQ catering packages available on CaterSpot.

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Live Shawarma Station  GastroNomad's Unique Party Catering Option

Ever seen those big hunks of Shawarma meat pillars at pasar malams? Now, enjoy your very own Live Shawarma Station by Gastronomad. Choose from the choice of 3 different marinated meats – marinated chicken, lamb and beef. This will definitely be a unique party catering feature at your event as well as a great photo opportunity for your guests. Looking for other Instagram worthy party ideas? Click here to find out more.

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Dessert Carnival Live Station  Sunlife Pastries' Party Catering Option

If you have a sweet tooth, the Dessert Carnival Live Station by Sunlife Pastries will be just perfect for you! A great option for kids, the live station includes mini cream/durian puffs topped with delectable hot chocolate in front of guests. Furthermore, the live station offers your guests a chance to decorate their puffs with oreo, strawberry or honey gold flakes, allowing the kids to have an amazing time at your party.

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Free Flow Mocktail and Cocktail Package for 125 My Bartender's Unique Party Catering Option

For an exciting party minus the little ones, try My Bartender’s Free Flow Mocktail and Cocktail Package for 125. The package comes fully equipped with full set up and the option for service staff as well as a bartender. Have your bartender mix up your favourite drinks or be a little more daring to try a whole new mix by the bartender as he does flips and tricks at your event.

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Unicorn Cake Homebakee's unique Party Catering option

No one is ever too old to believe in magic! Enjoy Homebakee’s magical Unicorn Cake that is adorned with fondant flowers and a golden unicorn’s horn. Choose from your favourite cake flavour and surprise your guests with this stunning cake. Homebakee also bakes many more character cakes so click here to visit their page on CaterSpot.

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PokePopsHomeBakee's Unique Party Catering Option

Catch them all with Homebakee’s Pokemon themed cake pops. These cake pops are handcrafted to look like pokeballs, perfect for a Pokemon themed party. Furthermore, cake pops are a convenient way to pass around sweet treats to your guests to minimize mess and fuss! Be the very best with these adorable PokePops.

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Panda Cupcake Butter Studio's Unique party catering option

Pandas are absolutely adorable and so is this cupcake! Butter Studio’s Panda Cupcake not only looks great but tastes great. Cupcakes are also a great party favour for your guests so Butter Studio provides the option of packaging these cupcakes in individual boxes. This unique party catering idea is bound to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

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