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Top 10 Breakfast Catering Options to Kickstart Your Morning

Did you know that breakfast catering is available early in the morning? Gone are the worries of wondering which caterer delivers early in the morning as we have compiled the Top 15 Breakfast Catering Options available on CaterSpot to start your morning right.


From full on breakfast buffets to breakfast platters, the selection of breakfasts foods are endless. Dim Sum or Croissants, we have it all. Some of these breakfast caterers allow for the option of having setup as early as 8am so there is no reason not to order from these breakfast catering menus below.

Check out CaterSpot’s Top 10 Breakfast Catering Options:



Breakfast Catering: Buffets

Amici – Majestic Breakfast Menu 

Amici Catering's Breakfast Catering Menu

Amici’s grand breakfast menu takes the cake with its whopping 16 course spread of breakfast cuisine. The Majestic Breakfast Menu offers a breakfast spread that includes assorted breads, cereal stations, hot entrees, desserts and beverage. What’s more, experience the Chef’s Egg Live Station where a chef is on site to cook your eggs to your preference. Also, enjoy the Chef’s DIY Seasonal Mesclun Salad served with Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sweetcorn, Croutons and Dressings. Amici offers orders before 8:30am for a small fee so be sure to start your day right with Amici’s Majestic Breakfast Menu.

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Jack’s Place Catering – Classic Western Breakfast Buffet 

Jack's Place Catering - Breakfast Catering Menu

Enjoy the first meal of the day in style with Jack’s Place Catering’s Classic Western Breakfast Buffet. The breakfast menu includes assorted breads and pastries with your choice of jams and a wide variety of beverages such as coffee, tea and apple juice. Jack’s Place Catering also offers a Selection of Twinnings Tea served with raw sugar or fresh milk. Jack’s Place Catering offers this breakfast catering menu even before 8am at a small fee, so do look to Jack’s Place Catering to kickstart your day right.

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Camellia Private Catering – Local Breakfast Buffet 

Jack's Place Catering Breakfast Catering Menu

Other than Western breakfast cuisine, do you know that you can get local breakfast catering as well? Try Camellia Private Catering’s Local Breakfast Buffet for a uniquely Singaporean breakfast. These hearty dishes include You Tiao, Putu Mayam with Orange Sugar and Soya Beancurd. Also, the breakfast catering package comes with a selection of dim sums and hot entrees such as Chee Kueh and Carrot Cake. The earliest time that the Local Breakfast Buffet can be delivered is 8:00am, so have a hearty breakfast for a good headstart in the morning.

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Saybons – Breakfast Buffet with Live Egg Station

Saybon's Breakfast Catering Menu

Enjoy your breakfast with Saybon’s Breakfast Buffet with Live Egg Station where the menu includes a Chicken Ham & Sliced Cheese Platter, Smoked Salmon Platter and best of all, a live station where a chef is at home to cook your eggs the way you like it. Select from the different omelette toppings like ham, mushroom, cheese, capsicum and onions and create the ultimate omelette! This breakfast catering menu also comes with the option to add on more platters, these include the Streaky Bacon Platter and Pork Sausage Platter with Mashed Potatoes.

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Breakfast Catering: Breakfast Platters

Cedele – Breakfast Starters Package 

Cedele Breakfast Catering Menu

Get your mornings started with Cedele’s Breakfast Starters Package, a set of freshly baked goodies that are bound to kickstart your day well. Inclusive of a selection of pastries such as scones, muffins and party sliders, this menu also offers the option of drink add-ons. These include coffee, tea or juice. Cedele also offers the option for customizing your bread for party sliders – choose between brioche, wholemeal and croissants. This platter also comes with disposable cutlery and napkins.

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House of Dim Sum – Party Set A

House of Dim Sum Breakfast Catering Menu

Be transported to Hong Kong with House of Dim Sum’s Party Set A. Having Dim Sum for breakfast has never been any more easier with this menu that consists of 8 different dim sum selections. Enjoy this breakfast catering menu from 9am onwards in order to not incur the surcharge. These include vegetarian dim sum options such as Pumpkin Crystal Dumplings and Crispy Banana and Red Bean Paste. Starting your morning with dim sum is always a good idea!

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Eatz Catering – Continental Breakfast Mini Buffet 

The Continental Breakfast Mini Buffet menu comes with a wide array of 7 courses featuring various breakfast dishes. These dishes include Freshly Baked Croissant, Assorted Breakfast Muffins, Scrambled Eggs and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice to finish off your delectable breakfast. This Halal buffet catering menu can be enjoyed by everyone, a great way to start the day!

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Mex Out – Breakfast Burrito

Mex Out Breakfast Catering Menu

Love Mexican food? Now, Mexican food can be served up to you as Mex Out’s Breakfast Burritos. Enjoy this hearty burrito in the morning that comes with disposable cutlery and napkins for convenience. Looking for other Mexican catering options? Click here to find out about more vendors that cater Mexican cuisine.

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Rocky Masters – American Breakfast Set  

Rocky Master - Breakfast Catering Menu

This list has featured most breakfast buffets and platters but the American Breakfast Set serves up breakfast sets individually. Similar to bento boxes, these individually packed breakfast sets come with a hearty serving of chicken ham, chipolata & bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash brown and toast. This set also comes with coffee or tea. These breakfast sets are an easy and convenient way to kickstart the day with a team breakfast in the office.

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Ninja Bowl – Power-Up Morning Platter A

Ninja Bowl Breakfast Catering Menu

Ninja Bowl is known for their hearty and healthy selections of food. Now, start your days early with this healthy Power-Up Morning Platter A. This menu includes a platter of finger sandwiches, fruit platter and yoghurt granola cups. This is perfect for people with special diets as the Truffle Egg Mayo Finger Sandwiches and the Individual Yogurt Cups with Granolas are vegetarian. The menu comes with the option for a full set up add on with floral center pieces. Have a balanced diet with Ninja Bowl’s Power-Up Morning Platter A.

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