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Looking to organize an office lunch? Here’s 7 tips how

Office lunch is great for the team as they have been proven to forge bonds and in turn, increase productivity.  Planning a office lunch isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are 7 tips on how to organize a productive office lunch.

7 tips on how to plan an office lunch

Plan, plan and plan!

Inform your co-workers of the office lunch via Google calendar. This is to ensure that everyone will be available and has not made prior plans. Also, ask around for anyone with a special dietary requirement so that everyone can and will get a share of lunch. Planning is your best friend when organizing for an office lunch.

Choose a menu that is fit for all

There are tons of catering menu options available on the market. These include buffets, mini buffets, bento boxes and sharing platters. Choose a catering menu that is best suited for your co-workers and office space.

Office lunch idea: Eatz Catering Singapore Style Mini Buffet

If you are working with a relatively small space to set up your food, try opting for a mini buffet. Mini buffets are great for places with space constraints like the office pantry as they come in drop-off packages. Try Eatz Catering’s Singapore Set Mini Buffet for local cuisine that everyone would be bound to love.

office lunch idea: QQ Rice Bento Box

If your co-workers are vegetarian, vegan, require halal-certified cuisine or has any special dietary restrictions, try opting for bento boxes as they are individually packed meals that can be uniquely customized for each co-worker. There are over a hundred bento box menus to choose from on CaterSpot.

Order early

Depending on each caterer, most caterers have a minimum order notice. Catering companies tend to have a longer minimum order period of approximately 3-4 days as they usually offer buffets or mini buffets.

Restaurants, however, tend to have a shorter minimum order period of approximately 1-2 days as they usually cater for bento boxes or sharing platters.

Spice it up

There are literally so many different catering options to choose from. Thai, Vietnamese, Western, International and so many more, the list is endless. Spice things up to surprise your co-workers to keep them motivated and excited for the next office lunch.

office lunch idea: thai mini buffet

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Co-workers that eats together, stay together

An office lunch is a great time for co-workers to interact and connect with each other. This is also the time for the team to ensure that everyone is on the same page with shared goals.

office lunch idea: vegetarian/healthy cuisine

A fun activity that a team could try is to have healthy meals together. Meatless Mondays could be a start for the team to aim to eat more healthily together. This way, the team can keep track of each other’s goals and motivate each other. Check out CaterSpot’s selection of Vegetarian meals here for the first step to healthy eating.

Celebrate Birthdays

Celebrate your co-workers. Plan a monthly birthday celebration to incorporate into office an lunch session. This will be great to build rapport as well as make each co-worker feel recognized in their own way.

office lunch idea: birthday cake

Many unique cakes are available via catering. These include ice cream cakes or drip cakes, great to share around the office and celebrate your co-worker’s birthdays. For a local taste, try Butter Studio’s Speculoos Ondeh Cake for a tasty birthday treat for your co-workers.

office lunch idea: cupcakes

Cakes are too much of a hassle? Change it up with cupcakes – they are easy to pass around and less work than a cake. Many catering menus offer cupcake catering and some even come with personalized cake toppers. Try Homebakee’s Valentine Cupcakes – simple and packs a punch!

Tea time is team time

Who says you can only do office lunch? Tea time is a great and quick pick me up during the late afternoon and does not need to be as extravagant as a 8 course lunch buffet set up.

office lunch idea: sweet and savoury sharing platters

Sharing platters are great for an office lunch – these can include sweet pastries or savoury sandwiches as a light snack for the late afternoon. Try Delifrance’s Assorted Mini Tart Canapes and Fruit Tartlets for the best of both worlds. Food can also be an addition to fortnightly meetings that the team holds so that everyone is fueled and focussed.

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