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Secret Discounts that Caterers Don’t Want To Tell You

We’ve all been there. You’re planning an event but all the caterers you have sourced for are over budget. You’re sitting in front of the computer screen trying to make the numbers work. You start to give up on your search. It looks like high-quality catering at a budget-friendly price just doesn’t exist.

We’re here to help! Here’s how you can get the best discounts on your catering.

The Hard Way: contact the caterer and negotiate ?

Some caterers have promotions for cheap catering that they don’t advertise. If you’re willing to put in the work, sometimes directly contacting the caterer can net you discounts. You’ll have to hunt around, but you might find a contact number allowing you to begin the negotiating.

Your caterers might tell you their prices are set in stone – but they rarely are. This goes doubly so for small, independent, caterers. Ask them if their packages are flexible. If the menus are pre-made, this might have some success.

The best negotiators ask for more than they want, and then concede back down to how much they really want. This gives the impression of compromise and makes people much more willing to work with you.

Sound like too much work? Well…

The Easiest Way: CaterSpot, the one stop platform to look for caterers! ?

If there’s one thing we’re good at (and we’re good at alot of things!), it’s bringing you cheap food. When a caterer joins CaterSpot, we negotiate the lowest prices for you, often cheaper than you’ll find on their website. You’re ordering in bulk so you deserve to pay less!


If you’ve already decided on a catering style, simply head over to and on the dropdown menu, select “caterers with promos” (see here). This will filter to all the caterers that we’ve negotiated additional promotions for you.

Psst. Did you know that if you order more than $1,000 worth of catering via CaterSpot, we’ll negotiate additional discounts for you? Just send us an enquiry here!

That’s it! Simply choose a menu from the list, and rest assured you’ll be getting the lowest price possible. If you happen to find a cheaper price elsewhere (you won’t), we’ll even match it for you. Now, how easy is that?

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