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Top 10 BBQ Catering for the Year-Round Singaporean Summer

Singapore’s all year round summer is the perfect excuse to have a barbeque any time of the year! Opt for BBQ catering for your chalet, beach party or even for a simple BBQ at the park for an enjoyable time free of worries and stress. Some of these BBQ packages also come with the option of a professional chef on hand for your food to be grilled to perfection.

Check out these Cater Spot recommendations of the top 10 BBQ Catering packages available on our site!

CaterSpot’s Top 10 BBQ Caterers:


The Caveman BBQ BBQ Catering Menu

The Caveman BBQ

Package for 30 | $750

The Caveman BBQ is one of the only caterers on CaterSpot that specializes in BBQ catering – that is when you know that they are good! Try their bestseller, the Package for 30 for meats galore. Served up with over 10 kilograms of meat, this BBQ package also offers beverages and other equipment such as fire starters to have the perfect BBQ by the beach. Other than their BBQ catering packages, Caveman BBQ also offers what they call ‘onsite cavemen’, on site chefs to do the cooking for you.

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CJS Catering BBQ Catering Menu

CJS Catering

BBQ Menu A | $13.90/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Other than serving their well known Asian buffets, did you know that CJS Catering also serves BBQ catering packages? Try their BBQ Menu Apriced affordably at $13.90/pax, the package offers a wide variety of meats and vegetables to be grilled over the fire. These include Sting Ray in Thai Chilli Sauce, Chilli & Honey Chicken Wing and Baked Sweet Potato. The package also comes with thongs, fire starters, charcoal, tables with skirting and last but not least, disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes for a convenient dining experience.

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Katong Catering BBQ Catering

Katong Catering

BBQ Menu A | $12.80/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Looking for a flexible BBQ Catering menu that offers you the choice to choose your meats and vegetables? Try Katong Catering’s BBQ Menu A a 10 course menu that provides you all the food and equipment that you need to host a successful BBQ party. Choose from options such as Chicken Fillet, Chicken Wings, Sambal Fish, Bamboo Fish and so many more! Furthermore, the menu also comes with sauces such as BBQ sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup and margarine to suit different tastes.

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Eatz Catering BBQ Catering

Eatz Catering

BBQ Buffet B | $15.80/pax | Minimum 30 pax 

Looking for halal BBQ catering packages? Well, look no further, for we have Eatz Catering’s BBQ Buffet B that comes with 14 dishes, inclusive of both raw and cooked meat and seafood dishes as well as salad, dessert, pastries and beverage courses. Choose your favourite satay choice – customers have the option of Chicken or Mutton satay served with condiments. Finish the meal with a choice of a Baked Chicken Pie or Chocolate Eclairs.

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Spark Catering BBQ Catering

Spark Catering (by Relisky Catering)

BBQ Menu B | $40/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Try Spark Catering’s BBQ Menu Ba BBQ Catering menu inclusive of 6 items, 3 meat/seafood dishes and 3 side/desserts. Try the premium choices of Sirloin Steak Cut, with Old Bay Seasoning. Buttermilk Brine Chicken Breast or the Spiced Rub Lamb Chop. Finish the meal with these delectable desserts such as Vodka Watermelon with Feta Crumble, Homemade Tiramisu and Apple Crumble Pie.

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Food Fest BBQ Catering

Food Fest F&B Pte Ltd

BBQ Delight | $12.80/pax | Minimum 40 pax

Delight yourself with Food Fest’s BBQ Delighta BBQ menu of 10 courses, inclusive of raw meats as well as cooked rice/noodle and vegetable dishes. If you like seafood, this is the package for you! Choose from the different prawn dishes available such as Marinated Prawn, Sambal Prawn and Garlic Prawn or choose from the different fish dishes such as the Sambal Fish Fillet, Garlic Fish Fillet and Black Pepper Fish Fillet. This BBQ catering package also offers the option of renting a BBQ pit for a worry free experience.

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Oh's Farm Catering BBQ Catering

Oh’s Farm Catering

Classic BBQ Menu | $25/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Other than the themed buffets that Oh’s Farm Catering is known for, Oh’s Farm Catering also provides BBQ catering menus such as the Classic BBQ Menua premium selection of 12 dishes, bound to leave your guests coming back for more. Start off your meal with the Air Flown Mixed Salad Stuff with Premium Tangerines & Peaches and Sweet Pear Dressing and continue with the Homemade Marinated Sambal Fillet in Foil. Oh’s Farm Catering also allows for the option of an add-on live station, where you can have local delights cooked right in front of you.

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Happy Chef by TungLok BBQ Catering

Happy Chef by TungLok

BBQ Menu A | $25/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Now enjoy your favourite restaurant right at your doorstep with Happy Chef by TungLok’s BBQ Menu Ainclusive of a BBQ entree, appetizers, hot favourites, desserts and beverage. Enjoy local cuisine such as Sayur Lodeh or Kampong Fried Mee Siam and finish off with Mini Chocolate Eclairs or a Tropical Fresh Fruit Platters.

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KCK Food Catering BBQ Catering

KCK Food Catering

BBQ Set C | $16/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Try KCK Food Catering’s Bestselling BBQ Set Cinclusive of the wide variety of 14 courses. Their BBQ items include Garlice Butter Prawns, Seasoned Beef Steak, Black Pepper Sotong and Chicken/Mutton Satay. Enjoy a hot entrees such as Garlic Bread, Fried Spring Rolls and Oriental Fried Bee Hoon. This BBQ catering package comes with disposable plates, cups, cutlery, napkins.

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Amici BBQ Catering


BBQ and Grill Sizzling Hot Western Menu | $30/pax | Minimum 30 pax

Last but not least, enjoy Amici’s BBQ and Grill Sizzling Hot Western Menu  for a rich 11 course BBQ buffet that features hot entrees, items from the grill and delicious desserts. Enjoy Spicy Pomodoro Penne with Parmigiana Cheese and Fresh Herbs or the Honey Glazed Fiery Mid Joint Wing. What makes Amici stand out is its option of a uniformed butler service or a portable BBQ pit for your convenience.

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