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Most Loved Buffet Catering Options in Singapore

Singaporeans love food and food plays an important role in our culture. Please the inner foodie in all Singaporeans with the best buffet catering options that are bound to have your guests sing praises.

Whether a corporate event or a home-style birthday party, know the way to your guests’ stomachs by choosing the best catering options in Singapore.

Most Loved Buffet Catering Options in Singapore by CaterSpot

Here at Caterspot, we share your interest in good food. Hence, we have dug through close to a thousand reviews to find the most loved buffet catering options in Singapore, as voted by you, our customers. With the results of the best buffet catering recommendations uncovered, these 7 best catering options that are bound to have your guests leave with a smile.

Here are our picks

Grain Catering | Gastronomad | Amici | Jai Siam | Eatz Catering |
Oh’s Farm Catering | Team Catering

Most Loved Buffet Catering Options in Singapore:

Grain Catering

Buffet Catering by Grain Catering


Rating onsite: 4.8 / 5
Number of reviews: 25
Type of food: Healthy Halal Buffets
Price: $13/pax onwards

Why we love it:
If you are looking for a change, try Grain Catering – the young and fresh catering brand that provides their customers with a variety of healthy and innovative options for your events such as  Buffet B, inclusive of 9 courses from choices such as the Chicken Pad Thai with spring onions, peanuts, chili flakes and thai lime. For something of a smaller scale, Grain Catering also offers a wide array of lunch box delivery options, try the Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken with Pesto on Organic Mixed Grains, our most popular lunch box on CaterSpot.

What our customers say:

Delicious and Healthy food
Overall, I’m very satisfied with the catering. The food is good.” – Valerie

Modern Presentation
“The table setting looks classy and I particularly like the food labeling & black wrapped round table cover.” – Li Li

No one goes hungry
I was pleasantly surprised as there was enough for more than a light snack. Great service will definitely use Grain again.” – Elana

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Buffet Catering by Gastronomad

Rating onsite: 4.8 / 5
Number of reviews: 6
Type of food: Halal Asian and Western Buffets
Price: $15/pax onwards

Why we love it:

Gastronomad is the new kid on the block. Despite having only been on CaterSpot for a month, they have already received rave reviews from our customers for their wide variety of international buffet options such as the most popular, Southeast Asian Buffet. Other international options include the Middle Eastern Buffet and Italian Buffet. Want to add some spice to your event? Check out their Live Shawarma Station, bound to please your guests and add an extra special touch to your event.

What our customers say:

Professional Service:
The Gastronomad staff were friendly and very helpful – they had the personal touch while maintaining a high level of professionalism.” – Melody

Excellent Food Presentation and Quantity:
“Ordered the sweet dessert. The presentation was great and the quantity just right!” – Mon Wei

Fit for last minute orders (we do not encourage this but in case it slips your mind):
“This was a last-minute order placement and I was so glad Gastronomad was able to accommodate. Set up was done nicely. The canapés were pretty good.” – Anna

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Buffet Catering by Amici


Rating onsite: 4.8 / 5
Number of reviews: 23
Type of food: Halal Asian and Western Buffets
Price: $15/pax onwards

Why we love it:

If you are looking for more premium buffet catering , consider Amici. We trust Amici for providing us with prime and quality cuisine right to our doorstep. One of our favourites is the Majestic Breakfast Menu where your guests can be spoilt for choice with 16 courses to choose from including the Chef’s Egg Live Station. Furthermore, their exclusive Premium Lunch Box Set is sure to fill the bellies of everyone in the office.

What our customers say:

International Spread:
“All my guests commented on how good the food was and I really liked the balance of Asian and Western requirements.” – Belinda

Quality Food:
“Food was great and the Christmas spread came in generous portion. Turkey was tender and moist … “ – Vasella

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Jai Siam

Buffet Catering by Jai Siam

Rating onsite: 4.5 / 5
Number of reviews: 13
Type of food: Halal Thai Buffet
Price: $12/pax onwards

Why we love it:

Jai Siam is the best place to get our Thai cuisine fix. Known for the affordable and quality food, buffet catering options such as the Set Catering Menu A will take you on a gastronomical trip to the land of smiles. For something child-friendly, the Lemon Leaf Chicken Platter is bound to be a hit with the little guests. The platter also comes with disposable plates and cutlery to help eliminate the mess that the little ones make.

What our customers say:

Hit with the guests:
“Thank you so much. My guests loved the food especially the green curry.” – Elnie

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Eatz Catering

Buffet Catering by Eatz Catering

Rating onsite: 4.5 / 5
Number of reviews: 8
Type of food: International Cuisine Halal Packages
Price: $7.80/pax onwards

Why we love it:

We love Eatz Catering for its cheap buffet catering packages that do not discount on the quality and quantity of international food options. Eatz Catering has a package fit for everybody’s preferences – from the option of the Peranakan Buffet B inclusive of Ayam Masak Buah Keluak, to the most popular Fusion Asian Buffet A. Eatz Catering even offers a uniquely Singapore Set Mini Buffet, sure to please your guests.

What our customers say:

Accommodates Special Requests:
Attentive to specific demands, constant reminders, good presentation and flexible with requests. Plus great food!!” – Noorman

Value for money:
“The portion was value for $ and just nice”- Nora

Professional and Flexible Service:
“Very professional service. The caterers are also flexible in their pick-up timing. Also, they were very polite and service-oriented.” – Benjamin

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 Oh’s Farm Catering  

Buffet Catering by Oh's Farm Catering

Rating onsite: 4.4 / 5
Number of reviews: 9
Type of food: Thematic Buffets and Bento Boxes
Price: $15/pax onwards

Why we love it:

Known for their table decor, Oh’s Farm Catering will be able to match and enhance your uniquely themed event. If you are looking at a unique and healthy buffet catering addition to the party, try the Salad Bar where your guests can get their green fix. For something different, try the Classic BBQ Menu where the 12 dishes include an entree, dessert and an entire BBQ set up for your convenience.

What our customers say:

Professional and Efficient Service:
The staff were very professional and attentive. Setup was fast and efficient and looked good” – Jayne

Prompt Delivery Time:
“Everyone enjoyed the food very much and the delivery was on time (20 mins early)” – Debbie

Portion sizes are just right (so no food goes to waste):
“The food is sumptuous and portion is just right.” – Kai Fang

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Team Catering

Buffet Catering by Team Catering

Rating onsite: 4.2 / 5
Number of reviews: 25
Type of food: Halal Asian Bentos, Buffets and High Tea Catering
Price: $9/pax onwards

Why we love it:

Team Catering is high on our customer’s buffet catering recommendations list for its price point and quality of food. Fuss free meal options include the Lunch/Dinner Packed Meal B or the more unique Indian Style Briyani Set, both a hit on CaterSpot. If you are looking to cater for a tea reception, consider Team Catering’s cheap and good Tea Reception Buffet B where many choices are available to build up your own curated 9 course menu.

What our customers say:

Generous Portion Size:
It was a very simple, nice and efficient process to order, especially during peak periods and last min orders like Christmas season. The food was awesome and in great portion.” – Ho

Excellent Customer Service:
“Customer service was very good. Friendly salesperson and delivery driver. Delivery driver also called before proceeding to clear the food.” – Suriya

Great for the workplace:
“Team catering has been providing us with lunch at my workplace & i feel that they are doing a really outstanding job.” – Azri

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