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Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Singapore

From corporate or private buffets to bento boxes, these top 10 best catering companies have done it all. We have shortlisted the top 10 buffet catering companies in Singapore. These catering companies have served up delectable cuisine with professional service and have emerged as top on CaterSpot.

Find out more about CaterSpot’s picks for the Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Singapore.

Our best catering picks:

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights

Rasa Rasa Halal Delight's Best Catering Option

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights has always been a fan favourite in the buffet catering scene. With its affordable price point for delicious halal buffet catering, Rasa Rasa Halal Delights has never failed to put a smile on the faces of customers. From packed meals, buffets, mini buffets, BBQ Menus and even staff and equipment for hire, Rasa Rasa Halal Delights has it all.

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Team Catering

Team Catering's Best Catering Option

This company has constantly came out tops in ranking for the best in halal catering. Team Catering offers Asian bento boxes, buffets, mini buffets and tea reception packages. Praised for its value for money, Team Catering serves up a variety of different cuisines and menus. Lauded for having excellent customer service as well as good food presentation, Team Catering is not to be missed out on!

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ICS Catering

ICS Catering Best Catering Option

Looking for an international selection of food? From Western buffets to Asian buffets, ICS Catering has everything you need. Order from ICS Catering’s selection of Western buffets or opt for something more unique such as their Szechuan buffets. ICS Catering also offers party packages and seminar buffets, ensuring that food will always be delivered to your doorstep conveniently without any worries.

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Katong Catering

Katong Catering Best Catering Options

Enjoy the taste of local cuisine with Katong Catering’s uniquely Singaporean buffets. Specializing in buffets, Katong Catering is the best catering company to go to to look for buffets suited for any event. From lunch/dinner buffets to BBQ packages, Katong Catering offers the flexibility to choose from a diverse variety of dish options so as to customize the menu to suit your tastes. Choose Katong Catering for delectable Singaporean cuisine served at your convenience.

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Eatz Catering

Eatz Catering Best Catering Options

Bento boxes galore! Other than their highly popular buffets, Eatz Catering also serves a wide variety of international cuisine packed conveniently in bento boxes. Keeping to a strict diet? The option of healthy bento boxes are available here at Eatz Catering. Also, curate your own unique menu by customizing your mini buffet by choosing from the selection of international cuisine available. When catering for any professional or private event, be assured that Eatz Catering will get the job done!

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Chef’s Catering (by QQ group)

Chef's Catering's Best Catering Options

This catering company can cater delectable halal, Asian, Western and even Peranakan cuisine for any event. From its affordable to its premium choices, Chef’s Catering has something for everyone. With such a wide selection, its hard to break the bank when choosing Chef’s Catering. Therefore, choose Chef’s Catering for great food and great customer service.

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Kim’s Kitchen

Kim's Kitchen's Best Catering Options

What makes Kim’s Kitchen stand out from this list is its specialization in Tingkat and Bento Box catering. Kim’s Kitchen is one of the few caterers that is able to provide healthy tingkat meals and confinement meals for post-natal mothers. Furthermore, a selection of bento boxes and packed meals as well as buffet catering are available. Kim’s Kitchen has definitely came out tops in the game for their generous portions and good quality food.

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Spark Catering (by Relisky Catering)

Spark Catering's Best Catering option

Spark Catering is your one stop catering company to look to for all your events and functions. Canape menus, buffets, sharing platters, high tea and even sit down dining, Spark Catering has it all under one roof. Their menus range from budget friendly to premium meals and thus, customers are bound to find something that suits their tastes and price point. Enjoy Spark Catering’s menus by ordering now on CaterSpot.

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Food Fest F&B Pte Ltd

Food Fest Caterin's Best Catering Options

Food Fest F&B Pte Ltd provides a selection of international and halal buffet catering options for every customer’s needs. Indulge in international cuisine with their selection of buffets or choose one the seminar buffet menus for your corporate event. Food Fest is highly recommended and raved by its customers so expect nothing less from Food Fest F&B Pte Ltd!

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Fostre Catering

Fostre Catering's Best Catering Options

For a premium selection, coupled with service staff, and in addition to that, on site chefs and equipment rental, Fostre Catering is the best catering option available. Constantly, Fostre Catering has stood out as a premium buffet caterer, ensuring quality and professional service, constantly putting their customers first. Perfect for corporate and private events, Fostre Catering provides for any event. With its excellent table presentation, Fostre Catering is the go-to caterer for many satisfied customers.

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