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Seminar Catering in Singapore

Seminar Catering in Singapore: Our Top Picks!

Scrolling through a long list of caterers and asking for quotations can take quite some time.  Now, It’s possible to book your ideal caterer under 5 minutes. Through Caterspot’s platform, we do the tough job for you. By selecting your budget and dietary restriction and we’ll filter them out and contact them for you. Assigned to plan for a bigger event?  Our friendly concierge can assist you in selecting the ideal caterer for your event.

Our Recommendations for Full Day and Half Day Seminar Catering

With hundreds of seminar catering options to choose from, our expert concierge shares the best picks for seminar catering! These picks include coffee and tea breaks in between and served with lunch buffet and snacks.

Top Picks for Full Day Seminar Catering 

Keep the team focused and well-fed with these Halal certified caterers.

Full Day Seminar Catering:
  • Grain Catering
  • Orange Clove Catering
  • Amici Catering
  • Mum’s Kitchen Catering


full day seminar catering - grain catering

Grain Catering has captured the hearts of their customers with its well-crafted catering menu.  Grain Catering’s seminar catering menu of Full Day Seminar Menu A is one of the top picks. This 16-course meal of vegetarian-friendly selection includes mouthwatering  Rosemary Balsamic Roast Chicken, Ratatouille Niçoise, and Seafood Croquette for a great deal of $24.00 per pax.

full day seminar catering - orange clove catering

Orange Clove Catering has always shown impressive and stylish buffet tables along with its enticing cuisine of both Asian and Western menu. Full-Day Supreme Seminar Lite Buffet A  is popular because this 21-course meal have a wide selection of multi-cuisine perfect to fuel the day. For $30.00 per pax, you can enjoy a delectable buffet.

full day seminar catering - amici catering

Amici Catering offers a wide selection of the best cuisines on both sides of the world. For $28.00, you can enjoy a 15-course meal of Full Day Seminar Menu A with sweet mini muffins and chocolate éclair and savory oven-baked dory, roasted chicken, and spaghetti Aglio Olio.

full day seminar catering - mum's kitchen catering

Mum’s Kitchen Catering has two popular seminar catering items on their menu. For $28.50 you can get Full Day Seminar Buffet C, a 20-course meal of seafood delights while For $25.50, you can get Full Day Seminar Buffet A, 18-course buffet with Baked Chicken, Thai Fried Rice, and Cocktail Samosa.

Top Picks for Half Day Seminar Catering 

Provide top-quality seminar catering menu including a selection of finger food, refreshment and lunch buffet for your half day training buffet for as low as $16.00 per pax.

Half Day Seminar Catering:
  • Grain Catering
  • Orange Clove Catering
  • Stamford Catering
  • Amici Catering


full day seminar catering - grain catering

Grain Catering will satisfy your taste buds with its 12-course buffet of Half Day Seminar Menu D  for $20.00 appetizing meals like chicken beef meatballs with tuna puffs and a selection of other snacks.  Enjoy your lunch buffet with one coffee or tea break in between.

half day seminar catering - orange clove catering

Orange Clove Catering offers Half-Day Supreme Buffet A a 15-course meal for $23.00. This Oriental buffet can satisfy your Japanese comfort food cravings like tempura, gyoza and a selection of Asian finger food.

half day seminar catering - stamford catering

Stamford Catering has a wide range of delicate specialty on Asian cuisine. One of their famous selection is the Half Day Seminar Buffet B  for $16.00 you can enjoy a 14-course meal of Indonesian favorites like Masak Gulai Nonya, Mee Siam Goreng and thirst quenching Chilled Grass.

half day seminar catering - amici catering

Amici Catering can enjoy a 12-course meal with Half Day Seminar Menu for only for $16.00. Enjoy a selection of like Baked Dory, Roasted Chicken, and Aglio Olio.

Photos used in this blog is only used for marketing purposes and may vary from the actual. The listed prices are subjected to 7% GST. 


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