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Top Christmas log cake picks to order in Singapore

The traditional Christmas Log Cake has come a long way since it first emerged during the 19th century in France. Ever since, log cakes have dominated the Christmas dessert scene and cake artisans never cease to develop new creative recipes and unique flavours. If you are looking to indulge in log cakes of all colours and flavours this Christmas, we bring you 10 of the best Christmas log cakes from 7 leading caterers and cakes artisans in Singapore!


Bakery / Catering ServiceCakeServesPrice
SwissbakeIndulgent Choclate Truffle Log Cake (1kg)8$55.00
Marché MövenpickDouble Chocolate Swiss Log 6-8 pax$49.90
The Catering Concerto (TCC)Pistachio Cranberry (Approx. 1 kg)6$57.00
La BonnieLychee Rose Raspberry Roulade Log Cake (1kg)5$48.00
WE Cater (Formerly by Rocky Master)Logcake6$58.00
Choz ConfectioneryRudolph's Magical Purple Sweet Potato Log Cake 6$59.80


Next, we’ll take a closer look at some of the log cakes available.


Marché Mövenpick

If you enjoy fruity desserts, Marché Mövenpick may offer a getaway from the traditional chocolate-rich desserts. Their Christmas Tropical log cake ($84.90) features exotic caramel cremeux with dark chocolate cream Namelaka and a chutney of cooked pineapple and mango passion fruit mousse. This creamy-fruity fusion is deliciously coated with white chocolate and toasted almonds and has a really unique charm.

Christmas log cakes

Marché Mövenpick is not prepared to let down their chocolate-lovers down and has whipped-up a heavenly Chocolate Orange log cake ($69.90)! A scrumptious brownie cake with toasted almonds with a centre of orange compote filled with dark mascarpone cream and light lemon white chocolate mousse.

Order from Marché Mövenpick online here


Stamford Catering

Christmas log cakes

Deck your Christmas parties with desserts that really capture everyone’s attention and Stamford Catering never fails to amaze with their exquisite creations. Their Chocolate Truffle Log Cake ($38) is what dreams are made of ! Crumbly Oreo biscuit over a layer of creamy icing is combination made in heaven, giving this log cake a unique and texture. This log cake will definitely be popular amongst your guests, especially the children. After all, who doesn’t love Oreo? Caterspot also offers a $30 discount at all Christmas orders from Stamford Catering until December 17th. Have browse at Stamford’s fantastic menu with dishes you could pair up with this amazing log cake and create the perfect Christmas dinner!

Order from Stamford Catering online here


Jack’s Place Catering

Christmas log cakes

Ignite your taste buds this Christmas with this Chocolate Chestnut Praline log cake ($45.80) that offers a nutty twist to the usual chocolate log cake. Flourless chocolate sponge and dark chocolate cake layered with vanilla genoise, chestnut cream and praline feuilletine. Sounds fancy…

Order from Jack’s Place Catering online here 

The White Ombré

Christmas log cakes

This passionate and award-winning baker has turned his bestselling cake into a log cake especially for Christmas! Their undisputed best seller will delight your senses with its luscious blend of tastes and textures. Their Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcake log cake ($38) features a fluffy vanilla sponge infused with Earl Grey syrup, layered with a light Earl Grey cream. The whole cake is covered in crunchy caramelized puff pastry flakes and decorated with fresh strawberries. Delicious, light and creamy!

Christmas log cakes

If you’re one that simply does not put fruit and dessert in the same sentence, The White Ombré has something for you too! The Mascarpone Cookies and Cream Log cake ($38) will satisfy the sweet tooth of all chocolate fanatics. Slicing open the the chocolate covered cake reveals a beautiful swirl of  creamy mascarpone and crunchy cookies, creating a satisfying blend of textures and sensations!

Order from the White Ombré online here 

Temptation Cakes

Christmas log cakes

Who doesn’t love a good fluffy ol’ red velvet cake, especially during the holidays? Temptation Cakes’ Red Velvet with Cream Cheese log cake ($35) is a gem your Christmas table shouldn’t be missing.

Orderfrom Temptation Cakes here 

Cater. In by Rocky Master

If you’re searching for something different and unique but still irresistably delicious, Cater.In by Rocky Master has something truly special prepared for you! Behold the pistachio and raspberry white chocolate log cake ($51), which features a fluffy vanilla sponge with a raspberry and white chocolate centre covered by a creamy pistachio finish. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without log cakes, so make it fun by mixing traditional and unique options, so your guests can indulge in the flavours that they love!

Order from Cater.In by Rocky Master online here



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