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The Top 10 Christmas Buffet Catering in Singapore for under $18

Christmas needn’t leave you frazzled. At Caterspot, we scoured our catering partners for the most affordable Christmas buffet catering for under $18 per pax that are worth every cent. You don’t have to dig deep in your pocket this Christmas for your catering. With these budget buffet menus you can still host a hearty feast that will have everyone’s approval!

Christmas Catering 2018: List of Christmas Buffet Catering under $18

Christmas Buffet Catering menus in Singapore for 2018 from 10 popular caterers - all under $18 / pax.
Catering ServiceChristmas Buffet MenuMin PaxPrice per Pax
Stamford CateringFrosty Feast35$18.00 / pax
Grain CateringChristmas Buffet Menu A50$18.00 / pax
Four Seasons CateringRudolph's Christmas Delights45$16.90 / pax
Oh's Farm CateringWinter Classic Buffet25$16.80 / pax
Select CateringSavoury Feast40$15.00 / pax
Spark CateringChrome Christmas Buffet35$18.00 / pax
Katong CateringAsian Christmas Menu A60$11.80 / pax
Delizio CateringSavoury Feast Buffet35$15.80 / pax
ICS CateringChrome Christmas Buffet35$18.00 / pax
WORD.Christmas Buffet Set A50$18.00 / pax

Next, we’ll take a closer look to selected caterers on the list:


Christmas Mini Buffet A- available to order from Caterspot at $15.00/pax

Grain Catering

The online restaurant, that advocates for freshly prepared and nutritious meals, promises wholesome Christmas buffets that will win everyone’s hearts and bellies over! At only $18 per pax, your guests can enjoy eleven delicious courses made with fresh and quality ingredients. We absolutely love the Red Cabbage Fennel Slaw with dried cranberry, Turkey Ham Platter. Expect traditional dishes with a modern and creative twist and a combination of flavours that will leave you wanting more! Make sure to leave room for dessert as the buffet includes Christmas Cookies and Christmas Fruit Brioche. We are not done yet! For all orders made before December 8th, Grain Catering offers a complementary sparkling juice & happy hats! Are you tempted yet?

Order from Grain Catering online here


Stamford Catering

This leading Caterer has not one, but two buffet menus for under $18. The Halal certified caterer, offers exquisite cooking, unique signature dishes and creative buffet set-ups which cater not only to the taste, but other senses as well. Stamford Catering is yet another caterer that proves that you can get excellent quality buffets at value prices!

Savoury Feast Buffet – at only $15 per pax your guests can indulge in a ten-course feast like no other! The Sautéed Prawn with Curry Cream Sauce is a seafood-lovers dream, and the Grilled Chicken With Mexican Salsa will be the star of your table! Spaghetti With Mushroom & Chicken Ham Tossed With Chilli Flakes is another dish you can definitely look forward to. If that wasn’t enough, you can finish off your food rally with a delightful Matcha Cheese Cake and Chilled Sea Coconut with Snow Fungus and Longan.

Frosty Feast Buffet – another wallet-friendly buffet with unique and delicious dishes. Available at $18 per pax this ten-course buffet features Chicken & Mushroom caserole,  Baked Dory Fillet with teriyaki and Seafood Alfredo Linguine. Finally, the buffet concludes with scrumptious Chocolate Fudge Cake and  Chilled Sea Coconut with Aloe Vera and Nata de Coco.


 Spark Catering

Another Halal caterer with a good reputation and great quality food. Their Chrome Christmas buffet at $18 features Christmas all-time favourites and other western dishes that will please the crowds. You can look forward to Turkey Breast with Cranberry Sauce and Honey Baked Ham with Honey Pineapple Sauce. You can also enjoy something a little different like Chicken Meatball with Smoky BBQ Sauce and Breaded Crab Claw. The best is left for last, so make sure save yourself for Bread Pudding with Raisins and Christmas Log Cake. For orders made before December 10th Spark Catering offers a complementary assortment of chocolate muffins!

Order from Spark Catering online here

Le Rainbow Catering

We are good at finding reputable caterers with value-for-your-money menus, and Le Rainbow certainly makes the cut. Le Rainbow have created a delicious menu for just $17 per pax featuring eleven exquisite seafood and chicken dishes. We really like the sound of the fluffy Butter Rice with Chestnut Fusilli Pesto in Light Creme Sauce and the Oven Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce. No wonder this menu Le Rainbow’s most popular!

Order from Le Rainbow online here


Yeh Lai Sang

If you’re looking for a Christmas buffet with Asian influence Yeh Lai Sang is the caterer for you. Their Snowy Classic Buffet, at $16 per pax, includes, Cornflake honey succulent chicken, oven roasted pork char siu and crispy butterfly prawn accompanied spicy mango salsa dips! The nine-course buffet ends on a traditional note. Christmas pudding with vanilla dressing and assorted French pastries that are worth saving your appetite for.

Order from Yeh Lai Sang here




Katong Catering

Last but not least, Katong Catering has three Christmas menus below $18! Our favourite menu however is Christmas Buffet C at just $14.80 per pax. Amongst the ten delicious courses you will find Christmas Cold Cuts (Chicken Salami & Chicken Ham), Torpedo Prawns with Wasabi Mayo Dip and Baked White Fish with White Sauce & Black Olives. Order from their Christmas menus before December 8th and receive 5% off your order!

Order from Katong Catering online here




This article is part of our Singapore Christmas Catering Series, where we recommend popular Christmas menus from our catering partners on CaterSpot – your marketplace for business catering. Check out the other guides: Christmas Buffets under $18, Christmas Canapés & Cocktail Catering, Best Christmas Log Cakes, Office Christmas Party Ideas.

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