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The best Christmas Cakes and Desserts in Singapore to order this festive season

It’s the holiday season, and what kind of holidays would they be without delicious desserts and cakes to conclude your Christmas feast? No matter how much turkey and ham you have fed your guests there is always room for dessert. Therefore, you should make sure you have saved the best for last this festive season! To make things easy, we have shortlisted the best Christmas cakes and desserts in Singapore to centrepiece and complement your holiday table.

Christmas Cakes and Desserts Singapore- The White Ombre

The White Ombre –  Christmas Macaroons, Cake-pops and Dessert cups 

The White Ombre, popular for their customised cakes and desserts, have prepared something really special this festive season. The Christmas Tree, Reindeer and Snowman Macaroons are too perfect to eat and the Mini Cake-pop Christmas tree, for $28, will hit the spot without leaving your guests in a food coma. Finally, the Black Forest Cheesecake Cups are a gateau match made in heaven and only $45 for 10 cups! Definitely an indulge-worthy menu.

Order from The White Ombre online here

Christmas Cakes and Desserts Singapore- Homebakee

Homebakee –  Christmas Cupcakes, Reindeer Cakes, Cake-pops and Cookies

Homebakee is a host of talented artisans from all over Singapore. We love Homebakee for helping local baker’s grow their business and promoting hand-crafted cakes and desserts as opposed to mass production solutions. The artisan’s talent is undoubtedly showcased in this year’s Christmas cakes and desserts! The assorted Christmas cupcakes are our personal favourite and there a many flavours to choose from. Our top flavours are: vanilla strawberry, red velvet and salted caramel! The Buttercream Reindeer Cake is a definite show-stopper and the kids love it! The dessert caterer offers various Christmas package options where you can combine their delicious cakes, cookies and cake-pops at an irresistible price!

Order from Homebakee online here


Christmas cakes and desserts Singapore- Artisan Boulangerie

Artisan Boulangerie Co. – Christmas Cakes and Cookies

The popular artisan chain has warmed up its ovens to bring delicious cakes and cookies in unique festive flavours. Sticky Date and Walnut cake, Chocolate Orange cookies and Banana and Manuka Honey cake are some of their available baked treats. Create the perfect Christmas setting by enjoying these Christmas treats over a coffee or hot cocoa after Christmas dinner. These Christmas cakes and desserts can also make for a perfect Christmas gift. Artisan Boulangerie offers a Christmas gift bag containing their three signature cakes and four Christmas Cookie packs packed in beautiful red bag for just $39!

Order from Artisan Boulangerie Co. online here 



Christmas Cakes and Desserts Singapore- Flaircakes

Flaircakes – Winter Cakes and Gingerbread Cookies

Flaircakes offers fresh bakes using only premium ingredients and is known for introducing unique and fun flavours! Their Christmas Winter Cake will definitely live up to their reputation and deserves a winning place on your Christmas table. A delectable combination of chestnut and chocolate encased within a layer of light vanilla mousse will undoubtedly get everyone’s approval! Why not bag some hand-crafter gingerbread cookies while you’re at it? Enjoy the warm fuzzy gingery flavours at $20 for 10 cookies! Enjoy a 20% discount off your Christmas orders if you have it delivered by November 19th! Need we say more?

Order from Flaircakes online here 



Jacks Place – Cakes, Macarons, Choux and Tarts

This catering company has really put in a lot of work this festive season to create these delicious works of art! There are really no favourites on this menu. Each dessert is beautifully and meticulously crafted, however we did have to shortlist.  Some of the most creative and unique desserts on their menu are, the Chocolate Almond Orange Cake, the Vanilla Sponge Cake layered with Mango Mousse and Topped with Fresh Mango Slices and the assorted Choux and Tarts. The choux and tarts come in unique flavours such as Pistachio Raspberry, Chestnut Earl Grey Ganache, Raspberry Chocolate and Yuzu Passion Flavours. Simply Devine! Make sure to check their menu for more!

Order from Jack’s Place Catering here



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