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Celebrating your baby’s full month party? Here’s 5 tips to plan the perfect one!

Congratulations! Your baby is a month old and it is time to celebrate your little one’s full month party. As intimidating and stressful it might sound, your baby’s full month celebration can be a breeze.Here are 5 tips to plan the perfect full month celebration for your little bundle of joy:

5 Tips to make your baby’s full month special:

Sticking to traditions

baby's full month red eggs

Red eggs, Ang Ku Kueh and glutinous rice are must haves at every full month party. These auspicious items symbolizes good luck and prosperity to celebrate your baby’s full month. Many full month catering menus do include or offer these items additionally within their baby full month catering menus so be sure to double check!

Paint the town red (with your red dress)

Make sure your guests dress appropriately – encourage them to come in fun, semi-formal attire. Also, it’ll be great for guests to come in loud and bright colours, especially red. Red symbolizes prosperity, good luck and wealth. Guests should avoid coming in black or white as those colours are more suited for a wedding or a funeral.

Make it pretty

baby's full month - Dessert Table

Do not forget your decorations! Try using simple but gorgeous looking decorations for your event space with bunting or balloons. These are easily available at party stores and do not require much time to set up.

If you’d like to make your baby’s full month party an extravagant ones, rent out an event space or a photo booth for unforgettable memories. Hire a professional photographer to capture and not miss every single joyous moment. There are so many additions that you can source to add on to your party so keep your options open to make this party one that you and your guests will never forget.

Leave it to the pros

baby's full month: Buffets

Cooking for a large group of people at your party may be a huge headache, especially with a little one that just turned a month old. Leave the cooking to the pros with the 10+ baby first month catering menus available on CaterSpot. Many of the catering menus come with full set up so there is no need to worry about the food at all! Furthermore, these menus come with a variety of options from you to choose from to customize the best suited menu for your baby’s full month party.

Dealing with a small event space? Try mini buffets where no set up is required. Mini buffets also provide the option for a wide spread of food for customers who have space constraints in their event space. Check out the 50+ mini buffet caterers on CaterSpot to find your perfect mini buffet menu for your baby’s full month party.

Desserts Galore

In addition to the catering menus available, many dessert stores offer catering menus for sweet treats as well.

Baby's Full Month Dessert Table: Homebakee

Dessert caterers also offer a full dessert table set up – great for Instagram opportunities and bound to be a hit with guests. Homebakee’s Dessert Table with a One-tier Drip Cake comes with a delicious drip cake of choice with additional sweet treat and decoration options available for add ons. There are many dessert table options available with Homebakee so click here to check them out.

Baby's Full Month: Jara Petit Cheesecups

Looking for party favours? Sweet treats are great to hand out to your guests. These include Jara Petit Cheesecups’ Baby Full Month Package , great for handing out as party favours very gorgeous to have on the dessert table. Each package also comes with red eggs or ang ku kuehs for you to share the joy with your friends and family.



Celebrate this joyous occasion conveniently with the help of uniquely tailored baby full month catering packages for a stress free party you’ll never forget.

For other baby full month packages, check out CaterSpot’s 15+ full month catering packages available. Looking for buffet catering for your birthday? Click here to find out more.

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