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The Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party: 5 Things that You Mustn’t Forget

Kids birthday parties keep on getting bigger and better. The bigger it gets, the more to remember. Planning your kid’s birthday party is a lot of work. From decorations to food to entertainment, the to-do list is never ending.

Make the party incredibly special and exciting for your little one by organizing and keeping track of what you need for your kid’s birthday parties. Planning can be simple, convenient and of course, stress free.

Here are the 5 most important things that you mustn’t forget when planning for your kid’s birthday party.

5 things you must remember when planning your kid’s birthday party

1. The cake!

There are just so many cakes available on the market right now that you could literally request for any type of cake that you would want. From fondant character cakes to ice cream cakes, the selection is endless. Caterers are becoming more and more creative with cakes so do not be afraid to request if you’d like something special.

kid's birthday party character cake

For something more extravagant, try a dessert table or look to the over 20 different options for cake and dessert delivery available on CaterSpot. Dessert tables are great for photo opportunities and allow for the gorgeous display of cakes, cupcakes and so many more sweet treats. Check out the dessert table packages such as the one catered by Homebakee for a convenient and stress-free experience.

kid's birthday party decoration


2. The Decorations

kid's birthday party dessert table

Depending on the theme of your kid’s birthday party, decorations may vary. Handcrafted or DIY decorations are pretty but there is simply no time. Try to opt for kid’s birthday party catering menus that offer the additional option of decoration to save you the time and hassle. This includes the Dessert Table with Buttercream Character Cake by Homebakee where the options for a unique theme and decoration props are available as an add-on with this menu.

kid's birthday party cake toppers

Jazz up your cakes or cupcakes with cake toppers or customizable cake banners. Catering menus such as the one from Jara Petit’s Cheesecup’s Dessert Package for 50 people. This is a great way to make your party memorable and unique.

3. Other Sweet Treats

Other than the main birthday cake, there are many options such as cake pops, cheesecups, macrons, cake jars and so many more. These are great for party favours or to have at the party as these are bite sized friendly and easy to go around for sharing.

Try these Alice in Wonderland Cakepops from Homebakee for a quirky and eccentric Disney themed party!

kid's birthday party cakepops

Customize your sweet treats according to the theme of your party as many character options are also available as well.

kid's birthday party sharing platters

Other than sweet treats, the option for sharing platters are great for food to go around. There are over 50+ sharing platters available on CaterSpot for you to choose from – from savoury to sweet, there is definitely something to fit for your kid’s birthday party. Check out Swissbake for sweet and savoury sharing platters great for your kid’s birthday party.

4. Feed your guests!

Do not forget to feed your guests! Buffet catering menus are a great way to have a wide selection of courses for your guests to have. Be sure to take note of special dietary requirements such as halal or vegetarian cuisine options so that everyone will be able to get their fill. Check out the 40+ buffet catering menus available on CaterSpot.

kid's birthday party buffet catering

If there are space constraints, opt for mini buffets instead. Mini buffets are great as they are dropped off at location and does not require a full set up. Take a look at the 50+ mini buffet catering options available. 

5. Capture the memories

Every birthday is special. Remember the day forever by hiring a professional photographer or a photo booth for instant memories. Photos are a great way to share the memories with other family and friends and can also serve as a fun and unique party favour for your guests.

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