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Finally! 10 Vegetarian Catering Options From Restaurants and Catering Companies

Ever been in that awkward situation where you have forgotten to get vegetarian catering for your friends with such special diets?

Avoid that embarrassment with these 10 vegetarian catering options from your favourite restaurants and catering companies. Save the trouble of fretting over these catering options as we have specially prepared this list for you!

10 Vegetarian Catering Options

Kitchen by Food Rebel 

Vegetarian Catering Option - Kitchen by Food Rebel

Kitchen by Food Rebel provides organic and healthy breakfasts, lunches and bento boxes. These include Party Package C,  a 3 course party package that allows for the flexibility of choosing 1 salad/vegetable, 1 meal/sandwich and 1 dessert to complete your meal. Furthermore, there are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and vegetarian options available – no one will miss out on this sumptuous party package.

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Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen  

Vegetarian Catering - Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen

Looking for pizzas and ice cream that is vegan and delicious? Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen is the one for you! Try the Hawaiian Pizza – an 11 inch pizza that is both vegetarian and vegan. Have a taste of the island life with this delicious pizza filled with tomatoes, soy ham, pineapple and signature vegan cheese. End off your meal with a pint of delicious vegean Chocolate French Kiss Ice Cream.

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ICS Catering 

Vegetarian Catering - ICS Catering

Other than being a local favourite in the catering scene in Singapore, did you know that ICS Catering also provides vegetarian options? These include the Asian Vegetarian Bento Box A – inclusive of 4 main dishes as well as the option to add on an additional dessert or drink to complete your meal. Catering for more? Try the Mini Buffet J (Vegetarian) , a 6 course mini buffet featuring popular Asian vegetarian dishes, perfect for any gathering – casual or formal!

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The Orange Lantern Restaurant 

Vegetarian Catering - Orange Lantern Restaurant

For the taste of Saigon, try Lunch Box E (Vegetarian). Satisfy your appetite with 3 appetizers, 1 main course and 2 dessert/drink items. Otherwise, for a more premium option, try the Premium Bento D (Vegetarian), a bento meal with 6 dishes. With these bento boxes, your guests that are vegetarian will definitely not go forgotten!

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Jai Siam 

Vegetarian Catering - Jai Siam

Enjoy your favourite cuisine from the land of smiles with Jai Siam’s vegetarian catering options. These include the Set Catering Menu A a 7 course buffet that includes various Thai dishes where vegetarian options and add-ons for drinks available. These include Vegetarian Thai Green Curry, Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice and Vegetarian Pad Thai. Also, try Jai Siam’s Mini Party Set where vegetarian options similar to the ones mentioned above are available.

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Spark Catering [by Relisky Catering] 

Vegetarian Catering - Spark Catering

They have always been known for their premium and quality buffets. Spark Catering also offers affordable vegetarian catering menus such as Vegetarian Buffet A , a sumptuous buffet inclusive of 9 courses. For something different, try the Canape Menu A’s Vegetarian Canape Choices – a great way to spice up the party while keeping those with special diets in mind.

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Eatz Catering 

Vegetarian Catering - Eatz Catering

Eatz Catering hails as one of the most popular catering companies on CaterSpot. Its no doubt that they have an array of menus include vegetarian ones. These include the South Indian Mini Buffet (Vegetarian)a 7 course drop-off menu featuring Vegetarian South Indian Cuisine dishes. Furthermore, Eatz Catering also offers vegetarian catering for bento boxes such as the Indian Vegetarian Bento and the Chinese Vegetarian Bento .

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Yeh Lai Siang 

Vegetarian Catering - Yeh Lai Siang

Yeh Lai Siang’s vegetarian buffet menu aptly named Vegetarian Divine consists of a delicious buffet of 9 courses, featuring vegetable dishes of your choice. The dishes include Longevity Bailing Mushroom with Vegetables and Vegetables in Yam Basket.

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Camellia Private Catering 

Vegetarian Catering - Camellia Private Catering

If you do not have the luxury of space, try opting for mini buffets where no food tray set up is required. Try Camellia Private Catering’s Vegetables in Yam Basket Vegetarian Mini Buffet which includes 6 items. Taste the Stir-fried Monkey Head Mushroom in “Gong Bao” Style and indulge in Chilled Sea Coconut after your meal.

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Jack’s Place Catering 

Vegetarian Catering - Jack's Place Catering

Other than so many other premium and delicious menus that Jack’s Place Catering has to offer, Jack’s Place Catering also features Hot Vegetarian Canapés on their menus as well. For only $3 a piece, try the Filo tartlet with ash chive, caramelized onion and semi dried tomato or Herbed artichoke and parmesan filo rolls with citrus aioli. Ensure that your party has something for everyone with these vegetarian menus.

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