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Top 10 Seminar Catering Options in Singapore

Corporate catering is made easy with CaterSpot’s Top 10 Seminar Catering Options in Singapore. With CaterSpot’s corporate account plan available, enjoy the unique features and services when you choose to use CaterSpot when choosing catering for your seminars, office events and workshops.

These catering menus are uniquely tailored to suit a full day or a half day seminar, inclusive of a morning or afternoon snack. Ensure that your fellow colleagues are fed and that your office event runs smoothly by choosing these seminar catering menus.

Top 10 Seminar Catering Options in Singapore:

Full Day Seminar Catering Packages: 

Half Day Seminar Catering Packages 

Full Day Seminar Catering Packages:

Full Day Seminar Catering Options

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights

Rasa Rasa Halal Delight’s Full Day Seminar Package C comes with 17 courses, inclusive of a morning, lunch and afternoon break. No one goes hungry with the availability of such a wide variety of dishes within the package. Enjoy the Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Raisins coupled with the Golden Vietnam Spring Roll with Chilli Sauce as a delectable lunch meal, inclusive in this package.

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ICS Catering

For delicious Asian cuisine, ICS Catering’s Full Day Seminar Buffet A serves up 19 courses along with complimentary table cloth and skirting. Full set up is also provided with this package. Begin your morning with Coffee & Tea paired with Mini Cakes and Crispy Hash Browns and enjoy lunch with Fragrant Yellow Rice coupled with Tahu Goreng with Peanut Sauce.

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Spark Catering

Spark Catering’s Breakfast + Whole Day Seminar Package A stands out in this list by covering all the meals at your office event. Inclusive of breakfast, morning break, lunch and afternoon break, Spark Catering’s seminar package provides a stunning array of food options throughout the day, your fellow colleagues will never go hungry!

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Grain Catering

The Full Day Seminar Menu A consists of 16 course menu, inclusive of morning break, lunch and afternoon break. Grain Catering has always impressed their customers with their unique selection of dishes such as Dragon Well Basil Rice with Sesame Oil and the Plum Sweet and Sour Fish, all available in this menu.

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Mum’s Kitchen Catering

Mum’s Kitchen Catering prides itself on providing quality catering for its customers. Their Full Day Seminar Buffet A is no less, the menu includes 19 courses with a full set up. Best of all, this menu is halal so everyone and anyone can enjoy this package. CaterSpot has done an entire feature on Mum’s Kitchen Catering, click here to find out more.

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Half Day Seminar Catering Packages:

Half Day Seminar Catering Options

Food Fest F&B Pte Ltd

Choose the Half Day Seminar A from Food Fest F&B Pte Ltd for 13 courses and 2 drink options. This seminar catering package allows flexibility for the number of people this menu is ordered for with different price points available. Also, full set up is provided along with disposable cutlery, plates, cups and napkins.

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Fostre Catering

Fostre Catering’s Half Day Seminar A package provides for 15 courses spanning over 3 breaks. They have constantly ranked highly in the catering scene for its premium selection as well its availability of add ons. These include the option for service staff, chef and equipment rental. Impress your fellow colleagues with this exciting seminar catering package.

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Revada Catering

The Half Day Seminar Package A offers customers the flexibility and choice to choose from the wide number of dishes available. Customize your snacks and drinks for the tea break menu and enjoy the set lunch provided within this seminar catering package. Best of all, this package is halal and full set up is provided for your convenience.

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Camellia Private Catering

Camellia Private Catering’s Half Day Seminar Buffet B Full Set Up  prides itself with their healthy Chinese cuisine, inclusive of morning break and lunch. Lunch comes with the delicious Rendang Chicken, Steamed Fish Fillet with Superior Soy and Braised Tofu with Mushroom, just to name a few. Enjoy healthy and good quality food with Camellia Private Catering.

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CJS Catering

The Half Day Seminar Package D (Morning Tea + Lunch) from CJS Catering is one of the few seminar catering packages that comes with vegetarian options, perfect for those with special diets. These vegetarian dishes include Vegetable Lasagna and Braised Cabbage Roll. For morning tea, enjoy the Steamed Rice Pudding with Grated Coconut, a delectable vegetarian alternative. With a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, this seminar catering package is perfect for everyone!

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